Of late, pen and paper are going out of fashion. You should say thank you to the smartphone as you can annotate dates, notes, phone numbers, and other vital data directly on your smartphone. All these things are possible only with the availability of great apps like Google Task and Microsoft to -Do app. Both these apps are available for your Android or iPhone smartphone and you can use it as a diary for appointments and notes.

Google Task is one of the popular and trustworthy applications available in several stores. It is mainly developed to allow all scheduled activities to be shared and saved in the cloud. It integrates with Google Calendar, consolidating your vital information in one place and allows you to see which tasks you need to do today. You can also print your to-do lists by using the Google Task app easily without any hassle. Another one is Microsoft To-Do which allows you to organize every type of daily activity and commitment quickly and intuitively.

The graphic design of Google Tasks is very simple and easy to understand for the users. You are not going to face any issues even if you are using it for the first time. The background is white and presents essential information only. The user interface of the Microsoft To-Do app is also simple and minimal. This app allows its users to change the color and theme and also able to customize the appearance of the lists and recognize them clearly.

One big difference that exists between these two apps is how to enter and save appointments. It would be better for you to understand that Microsoft is more intuitive and allow you to save the list just by using the “Enter” key on the virtual keyboard. On Google Tasks, you would be forced to use the save button each time. In this situation, using the Microsoft To-do app will be better. The search option is currently not available on the Google Tasks app.

But, Microsoft allows you to search for notes, events, and even secondary events where you can use hashtags. In this situation, you should go to Microsoft only. Also, Google platform is available only as a smartphone app and it can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or from the Apple Store. You can also create things-to-do lists from Gmail, but the procedure will not be intuitive for the users. On the other hand, Microsoft To-Do is available on both iPhone and Android smartphones, web browsers, and Windows 10 computers.

Finally, you are aware of the major differences between Google Task and Microsoft To-Do app. If you are only looking for something with a minimal look, then Google Tasks will be better for you for sure. If you want reminders to remind you when to submit documents or to do your assignments, then you should always go for the Microsoft To-Do app without any second thought.

You should download these apps on your smartphone and share your valuable experiences here with us!

Download Google Task for your Android or IOS Device.

Here is the download link of Microsoft To Do for your IOS or Android device.

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