Amazon Firestick and smart TVs have changed the industry. People no longer watch TV like they used to. Whether it comes to movies, shows, or sports, you have everything. Now, it might take a while to find just what you need for sports. The good news is a few sports channels stand out in the crowd because they cover major competitions and rewards. All in all, here are the best sports channels to stream on Firestick TV.


ESPN does not need too many presentations as one of the most extensive sports services globally. It provides access to a wide variety of sports, games, and events. You have access to 11 different networks – whether you are after college sports, golf, basketball, football, cricket, or tennis.

The best part is that ESPN provides excellent value for money. You have endless live events for a relatively low price. Moreover, there are highlights to watch, originals, real-time updates, etc. People who purchase Firestick may also benefit from ESPN and ESPN 2 as a package deal. In addition, learning how to install ESPN on Firestick is easier than you think.


Hulu is a primary choice for plenty of Firestick users. If you watch TV with Amazon’s Firestick, you have already run into it. Some people prefer it for the plethora of shows, series, and movies. But then, Hulu Live TV takes everything to another level by giving you access to national, regional, and local sports channels.

For instance, you could watch CBS Sports Networks, ESPN, Fox Sports, SEC Network, etc. You can also watch sports leagues. You can set some favorites like other channels – whether in sports or actual teams. Real-time game updates are not to be overlooked either.

Live NetTV

Live NetTV has gained notoriety for outweighing the competition in terms of pricing. You can watch it without paying anything. The sports streaming channel will give you access to live channels – usually sorted by categories. Apart from sports, you can also watch movies or series.

The application is straightforward, smooth, and easy to use. You can switch between one stream and another without any hassle at all. Furthermore, the channel has its on-demand library as well. However, the channel is not officially accepted by the Amazon App Store. Therefore, you will need to find third-party sources.

RedBox TV

Like Live NetTV, RedBox TV allows watching channels from all over the world without paying anything. You can watch shows, movies, or games from inferior leagues in countries that you cannot locate on the map. You have anything you can think of – ideal for sports fans.

Sports channels are nicely organized into more categories. You can find what you are after and play it without any issues. You can see live games on any media player you want, given the external player support. It should also be installed from a third-party source.

Sling TV

Sling TV is one of the top-rated live streaming applications out there. It provides access to a wide variety of different channels. You can find news channels, documentaries, movies, series, and dedicated sports networks. In addition, you have access to three other subscription packages – each of them comes with sports addons to enjoy your favorite events.

When it comes to the actual sports, you can watch basketball, baseball, football, hockey, tennis, etc. Besides, you can also access live sports channels – NHL, NBA, ESPN, and others. So entertainment content is worth some attention, especially during breaks or while waiting for the next big game.

As a short conclusion, these are some of the best sports channels to stream on Firestick TV. Designed as applications, they provide access to numerous channels. While some of them specialize in sports, others are more general, and apart from sports, they also include movies, news, and other categories.

The list could be longer, but these names stand out in the crowd. While not among the front runners, Hotstar, DAZN, Kodi, and CBS Sports are worth mentioning. It only depends on what you are after.

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