Google recently introduced the Youtube shorts, a micro video module similar to Instagram reels or more like TikTok video to their main Youtube app itself. Once the Youtube Shorts was announced, everyone expected the short video service as a separate app. However, YouTube integrated the shorts into the main app itself.

It was good that the service was integrated within the main app, as users don’t have to download any separate app to watch the short videos. Both Youtube Main videos and shorts can be watched within the same app.

However, for some users, the integration of YouTube shorts within the main YouTube app may be annoying. So, today in this artcile, we are looking to disable YouTube Shorts from the YouTube app on Android and iOS.

Why YouTube Shorts should be removed from YouTube App

As said before, the integration of YouTube Shorts within the main YouTube app may be annoying for some reasons.

Even if we don’t want to see a short video, it may appear on the homepage itself.
The YouTube shorts can steal your time as once you watch a video, you may automatically see the following video, and the same goes on continuing. Ultimately, it may take your time.

How to Remove YouTube Shorts from the official YouTube App

Even if you are using an iPhone or an Android, there is no official option available to remove the YouTube shorts from the YouTube App. However, there are some workaround and alternative ways to delete the YouTube shorts from the YouTube app.

Disable YouTube Shorts on Android and iPhone

As said above, there is no option available on the Android and iPhone YouTube setting to remove or disable the YouTube Shorts option. However, the official workaround to delete the YouTube shorts is as follows.

The option is identical on both iPhone and Android.

Step 1: Open the YouTube app on your Android or iOS device.

Step 2: On the YouTube homepage, you can find the YouTube Shorts videos listed as before.

Step 3: On the top right corner of each short video, you can find 3 dots. Click on that.

Step 4: You will find two options at the bottom of the screen saying Not Interested and Send feedback.

Step 5: Click on the Not Interested option, and the YouTube shorts video will be removed.

Step 6: You need to repeat all the listed YouTube shorts videos. Once done, the YouTube Shorts will no longer be listed within the YouTube app.

Note: However, there is some drawback to this option.

  1. You need to select Not Interested for all the videos manually, which can take time.
  2. Since most of the YouTube creators post both regular and short videos, you may find the short videos again even after removing them manually. YouTube automatically shows the short videos based on your viewing preference; you may see the short videos from specific creators you are subscribed for again.

Remove YouTube Short videos using Browser Player

Another workaround available to get rid of the YouTube Shorts video is by using the browser to watch YouTube videos. You can take YouTube on any browser like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc. You won’t find any short video on the browser.

Get Rid of YouTube Shorts using Moded YouTube App

Another best and great way to remove or disable the YouTube shorts is by using moded YouTube apps like Vanced YouTube. It is a customized version of the YouTube app, and hence you can completely disable the YouTube Shorts and remove YouTube ads without any charge.


Even though we have a workaround and alternative ways available to disable or remove the YouTube shorts from YouTube, officially, there is no option available in the settings to disable or enable the YouTube shorts as per the user preference. I hope the settings to enable and disable YouTube shorts might be integrated into the official YouTube app in the future.