Windows S is an advanced form of Windows 10 with more security benefits and increased performance. The function enabled fully locked, PC-suitable, and stripped-down methods to function Windows 10.

The resistance from CPU and RAM usage makes it preferred by the users. Also, it saves the space of the system by storing the data in one drive and only allows app installations from Windows. The operation of Windows S with ARM processors facilitates working on hardware.

The development of the Operation system facilitates educational benefits. This article discussed details about the Windows S mode and the steps to switch out of this mode.

Checking The Version Of Windows

It is reliable to check the Windows version either by application installation from Microsoft or by pressing the start and accessing the settings menu. Afterward, go to ” Systems” and the “About Tab” option. This will reveal the version of windows on our system.

Switching Out From S Mode

It is possible to switch out from Windows 10 S mode, but it is irreversible. To proceed with switching out of S mode, the “Start” button is clicked, and “Settings” are accessed for the “Update and Security” in the menu. After that, “Activation” is selected, and ” Go to store” under the menu is selected. The final step is to select ” Get Button,” and switching out from S mode is completed.

Advantages Of Windows S

  • Rapidity,
  • Resistance to the virus,
  • Advanced features, and
  • Energy efficiency

The Cons Of Windows S

  • Restrictions to outside Windows programming,
  • only browsing service,
  • and search engine default.

Benefits Of Working With Windows S Mode

S mode is a Windows 10 feature, and it helps improve security and boost performance. But there is a cost you have to pay for it. In 2017, a new feature was added to the Windows 10 operating system, S mode. It is a stripped-down, tightly locked, low-end PC-friendly way to run Windows 10. There are many benefits of S mode. This mode is similar to Google ChromeOS for its Chromebooks.

It is more secure as it only allows you to install apps from the Windows store. It ensures more safety. The system is streamlined in a way to eliminates RAM and CPU use. Everything is saved in OneDrive automatically, which frees up the local storage. S mode has its antivirus system, which works perfectly. Interoperability is one of the strengths of the S model.

Window 10 in S mode is more suitable for large-scale enterprises and education deployments. S mode is built in a way to address the needs of students. We can run this mode on low-end PCs also. You can easily switch to a full version of Windows 10 if you want to. Switching out of the S model is also easy. So working with the Windows S model comes with many benefits.

Applications Running On Windows S

Windows 10 S works with all available applications in Microsoft Store, which are either free, paid, or trial period oriented. Typical applications are Facebook, Netflix, Evernote, Adobe Photoshop, Spotify, Microsoft, etc.

Non-Working Applications On Windows S

Applications restricted to Windows S are unavailable to operate. Some specified nonworking applications are Photoshop, Adobe’s Acrobat, Chrome browser, Apple iTunes, etc.

Playing Games On Windows S

There is no straight answer to the question on playing games on Windows S. Games like Forza Horizon 3, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, and Gear of War 4, which are available from Microsoft gaming, can be played in Windows S.

Games from Valves Steam Store, Blizzards Battlenet, EA’s origin, and other outside Windows applications cant be played in Windows 10. Additionally, there are limited gaming options in Windows S which is another drawback overviewed by users of Windows S.

Knowing Windows 10 and Windows S

Windows 10- It was released in 2015 as an updated Microsoft OS. It was declared as the final Windows version, including continuous updates.

The best feature given by Windows 10 is its notification which alarms about installing timely new updates. Still, after hardware gets old, the notifications also take time to arrive and may skip.

The integration of Cortana is facilitated by Windows 10, and protection tools like Windows Defender Antivirus and Windows Hello are available.

In solution to disrupting bugs in Windows 10, modifications are available like additional testing of quieter rollouts, resolving issues, and managing updates.

Windows 10 S – With rapid performance and protection, Windows 10 S featured in 2017 restricts application installation outside Windows App Store and Microsoft Edge Browser.

Small business owners find convenience in the operation of Windows 10 S due to ease of management.

We can access some intriguing features of Windows 10 and Windows 10S by installing Windows Pro, which hinders reversing back to initial Windows.


We strongly recommend that you use antivirus software for any Windows device. However, while that is true, the only anti-virus software that would be functional and compatible with windows 10 s mode is the software that comes with it – windows defender security center.

Like any other antivirus software, this provides a strong set of security features and provides a supported lifetime of security for Windows 10 devices. It is also possible for you to download some applications from the Microsoft Store, and you can safely browse through Microsoft edge. The whole idea of this version is to install a beneficial system that keeps the operations quick and Secure throughout.


Windows S is Windows 10’s “wall of gardens,” which works in featuring fast functioning with security operations. It provides various benefits, but users’ restricted application installation is a significant drawback. There is an option to easily switch out from Windows S mode, which is an irreversible deed to overcome the cons.

There are benefits provided to users from Windows S and Windows 10, which we can collectively access in Windows Pro. However, the games playing option also has restrictions as Microsoft gaming apps can’t be installed. Therefore, it is also convenient to check the version of Windows by alternative methods.

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