Microsoft will starts to Roll Out Windows 10 From July 29 Onwards

As announced earlier Microsoft is going to launch their new operating system, Windows 10 on July 29. They already announced that the Windows 10 will be available to all the Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users free, if the user having a valid Product key. Microsoft Windows 10 is coming with different variant of OS for different purpose.

Before the launch Microsoft started notifying all the Windows users for its free upgrade, by this user can reserve for their Free copy. After the launch Microsoft will notify the users about the upgrade. Microsoft in their blog last week said that, they will start roll out the Windows 10 from July 29 itself. Thus the user will get their free upgrade notification from the same day itself. But due to the large request the upgrade may vary for other users.

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The roll out process will be carried according to queue basis. Those who already reserved for their upgrade will get the roll out at the beginning, others will get the update on the upcoming dates. Microsoft also said that those who are not yet reserved for their copy can make their reservation and the system will check for the compatible version the OS when it is available, after the download is completed, it will notify user to make the upgrade, The system will also guide the user if the system does not have the minimum requirement for the upgrade.

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