Wondering which Clock Screensaver on Windows you must go with? When confused, look no further, Fliqlo, is something unique and visually appealing.
A renowned clock screensaver, Fliqlo offers your screen a touch of nostalgia and elegance. This minimalist flip clock screensaver is quite popular these days and is known for appearing frequently on Instagram and other social media platforms.

Fliqlo is designed by Yuji Adachi, and its screensaver replicates the charm of old-fashioned clocks of Italy during the mid-twentieth century. Fliqlo captures the essence of this timeless design, transforming the PC or laptop screen into an eye-catching flip-clock display while the users are not active.

Join us in this article as we explore the method of Installing Fliqlo Clock Screensaver on Windows. Fliqlo is a refreshing alternative for those who are tired of the default set of screen savers. Fliqlo isn’t just available for Windows OS but also for macOS. Moreover, it also comes with an application designed to cater to iPhone and iPad users. Stay together as we explore more.

What is Fliqlo?

Fliqlo is an excellent clock screensaver for Windows Operating systems and macOS platforms. With the help of the free screen saver Fliqlo, you can transform the display of your PC into a flip-style clock. Fliqlo adds a touch of nostalgia and elegance to the user’s computer screen. This exciting clock screensaver displays an animated flip clock when the user’s device is inactive.

Using flip animation, Fliqlo displays time against a black background in large white numerals. Due to the visibility, minimalism, and clarity of Fliqlo, one can view time even from a distance easily. It also comes with a range of useful features. However, before we get into the details of Fliqlo’s features, let’s quickly learn how to install it.

Step-By-Step Method To Install Fliqlo Clock Screensaver On Windows

Installing the Fliqlo Clock Screensaver on Windows is an easy process. Here are all the details for the same:

Step 1: Firstly, Open the website

Step 2: Now scroll down the screen; somewhere in the middle, you will find the downloading tabs. Locate the tab for Fliqlo for Windows and click on it. As you click, it will initiate the downloading process in the background.


Step 3: Once the downloading process is completed, visit the Download folder, right-click on Fliqlo, and since it is in ZIP Format, extract the content of the file. Once you right-click, select the option Extract All from the pop-up.


Step 4: Now open the folder you got after extracting the Fliqlo ZIP file. Then locate and right-click on Fliqlo.scr file (select “Show More Options” in Windows 11) and choose the Install button.

NOTE: It is important to keep the “Fliqlo.scr” even after installing the tool. Doing so is important to keep the screensaver working. To ensure that the Fliqlo.scr is there, you can move it to a secure folder.

Step 5: Further, you will observe the Windows “Screen Saver Settings.” If not, go to Settings, and you will see the Fliqlo Settings window.

Step 6: Now, under the Screen Saver section, click on the Settings tab.

Step 7: On the Fliqlo Settings window, the first slider is for increasing and decreasing the size of the Digital flip clock on the screen. In contrast, the second slider controls the dimness and brightness of the Digital flip clock on the screen.

Once you have altered the settings per your preference, click OK. Then on the Screen Saver Settings screen, click on Apply and OK button. (You can also click the Preview button to see how the Fliqlo screensaver will appear on the system display).

Step 8: after nearly 15 minutes of inactivity, the Fliqlo Clock Screensaver will start appearing on your Windows device.

Fliqlo Clock Screensaver Windows Compatibility

Windows 8.1, 10, and 11 versions are compatible with Fliqlo Clock Screensaver.

Fliqlo Features

Fliqlo offers several features that enhance the experience of using it as a clock screensaver. Here’s a list consisting of the same:

  • Enlarge/ Reduce to any size: Fliqlo allows users to adjust the size of the clock screensaver according to their preferences. It ensures a perfect fit for the screen.
  • Switch between 12/24 hour clocks: Fliqlo allows users to choose from a 12-hour and a 24-hour clock format. It enables decisions between time representation that suits the user the best.
  • Switch between landscape/ portrait screen orientation: This feature allows users to switch between landscape and portrait orientations according to their screen orientation.
  • Brightness/ dimness control inside the screensaver: This feature allows users to control the brightness of the screensaver to their desired level.
  • Option to show/ hide split flap surface: Fliqlo allows users to show or hide the split flap surface according to their preference.

How to Uninstall Fliqlo Clock Screensaver from Windows?

If you are unsatisfied with the Fliqlo screen saver and want to remove or uninstall it from your system, delete the Fliqlo.scr file in the extracted folder. Or from a folder where you previously saved the same file for future use.

Is Fliqlo Free?

Yes, Fliqlo is completely free to download and install. For both Mac and Windows users, it is indeed free to use.

However, to support the development of Fliqlo, users can choose to donate. Fliqlo accepts donations of as low as $1 or as high as the donator wishes. Goto the official website, scroll down to find Donate to Fliqlo section, select the amount you want to donate, and click on Donate with PayPal.

Fliqlo Mobile App

Besides the Clock Screensaver for Windows computers and laptops, Fliqlo offers a mobile app for iOS devices. The Fliqlo Mobile App is designed for iPhones and iPads. It brings the charming flip clock screensaver experience to your mobile device and your laptops and computers.

The Fliqlo Mobile App is available for download on the App Store. Once you have downloaded and installed it, start customizing its size, clock format, screen orientation, and brightness to enjoy the screensaver. The Fliqlo mobile app adds visually pleasing and nostalgic addition to their mobile screens.

Is there a Fliqlo App for Android Mobiles?

Until now, Fliqlo isn’t available as an application at the Google Play Store. However, there are Fliqlo – Flip Clock – Clock APK for Android frequently revolving around the internet.

Wrapping Up

Fliqlo is an excellent clock screensaver, and this is all for how you can install it. However, we recommend you download the file from a trusted source only.