Last week Whatsapp updated their privacy policy saying that, user phone number will be shared with Facebook for Improving Advertisement. Also there is an option to opt out from this, so that our Phone number will not be shared with Facebook. We also posted in our previous post about, how to disable contact sharing. But now the picture became clear, WhatsApp confirms that, even if you disabled the sharing of Phone Number, Whatsapp will share your Phone Number with Facebook.

In short, it is clear that if you are using Whatsapp, Your Phone Number will be shared with Facebook, even if you doesn’t like it. As per a latest article by Hindustan Times, a spokesperson from WhatsApp has admitted that whether the user opts in or opts out, their contact number and some basic details about their handset would be shared with Facebook.

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He said, “.. the phone number is being shared with Facebook, but it will not be in the public domain. Also some basic device information is being shared: mobile carrier code, identifier, mobile country code.”

Now there will be a question arise, Why they added opt-out option. Actually, the opting out feature will not ‘allow’ Facebook to use your number for advertisements and for suggesting people with whom you can connect.

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The spokesperson said, “If you choose to opt out, this means Facebook won’t be able to suggest friends or improve the ads you see based on your WhatsApp number,”

Actually, if Facebook is not using our number, then why it is shared with them. For this, the spokesperson said, “Specifically, we will provide Facebook the phone numbers people use to sign up for WhatsApp, along with information about how often people are using our service. This will allow us to improve our app’s performance and ultimately be more transparent about our metrics with the public..”

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