As you all know, WhatsApp updated their privacy policy so that the phone number and account information will be shared with Facebook in order to improve personalized ad experience. However, Whatsapp is saying that, it will keep user privacy strictly and your information will not be shared without your permission. By the new policy, there are discussions all over and people are worried about the new decision by the company.

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Last day Whatsapp users for a new screen saying that, the Policy is updated and you need to Agree the policy before 25th September 2016 to continue using WhatsApp service. Which means that, if we likes or not, doesn’t matters, you need to accept it in order to use Whatapp. So everybody has to accept it. So now every one are worried of this information sharing. Even if we accepted the new policy, we have an option so that our information will not be shared.

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Those who have accepted the new privacy policy follow the steps below. Please note that, this option will be visible only if you have accepted the New Privacy Policy.

Step 1: Goto Settings

Step 2. Click on Account

Step 3. In the Account Page, you will see an option “Share my account info”. The option will be checked by default. Uncheck that.


Step 4. You will get a confirmation popup. Click on “don’t share”. Done.


Note : When you unchecked the option, in the popup, it will say that, if you once opt for Don’t Share, you cannot do it again. So don’t get confused. If you do not like to share your information, do it and just ignore the Warning.

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