WhatsApp provides the option to reply to a particular message in your chat. This option is useful mainly in group chat, in the case you are getting so many messages and you want to reply a specific message which was received previously. Normally if you just replying to a previous message, the other members in the group may not be able to recognize, to which message you are replying. So the new feature is very much useful in that case. In order to do that follow the steps.

I am showing how to reply a certain message in a group chat. The same step can be used in Individual chat also.

Step 1 : Click on the message in the group, to which you would like to give reply.

Step 2 : You will see that the message was highlighted and some options will be avaiable on the top of the chat window.

Step 3 : Click on the reply button on the top.

Step 4 : Then you can type a reply to that particular message.

Step 5 : Send the message, you can see the message replied to that particular message.

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