Did you ever noticed some of the changes Whatsapp introduced for the group chat management in the application. in the last few updates, the company added some features to make the group chat more efficient and more reliable. WhatsApp group chat has some drawbacks which was reported to them earlier my many of the users. The company now fixed some of them. However, one main problem regarding the group chat is still exist, if a group admin let the chat group, the admin right of that group will be assigned to any of the random member in that group.

In that case, if an admin wants to remove the group completely, he needs to manually remove each and every participants before deleting the chat, or he needs to assign an existing participant as the admin before proceeding. However, the recent updates added a new option called, “Dismiss as Admin” in which, one group admin can remove other admin by clicking on this option, where the admin can take control of the group completely.

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The recent changes also added some features in the group chat such as Group description, where you can add a small description about the group. One other feature is that, there is an option to set privilege for editing the group info for admins only or for all the participants. To access this section, follow the steps in your application. Within the group chat window,

1. Click on the settings menu,
2. From the available option, click on Group Info
3. In the new window, click on the Group Settings.

Now, in the new window, you will get two options,

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1. Edit group info.

Click on that, a popup window will appear, with two options, 1. All participants and 2. Only admins. select the option you want. If you select all participants, anyone in the group can edit the group info and of you choose only admins, then the group info can be edited only by admins.

2. Edit group admins.

In this option, you can remove the existing admins and add new admins to the group.

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