The Facebook-owned popular messaging application now ready to roll out the advertisement on its platform as WhatsApp Status Ads. There were rumors about the matter for the past few months and now the company made the announcement officially in an annual summit held at the Netherlands.

A few months back, Facebook announced that the messaging application cannot go further without the advertisement since the company is spending a good amount for its maintenance. The company also revealed that the ads will appear in such a way that it will not be annoying for the users and will not hurt the user experience. The ads are proposed to be displayed only on the status and not within the messages.

When will be the WhatsApp status ads roll out?

Currently, there is no specific date or the company doesn’t provide a timeline for the feature to roll out. However, WhatsApp is all set for the monetization feature and the feature will be published by the end of 2019 or by the beginning of 2020.

Where will be WhatsApp ads displayed?

WhatsApp guarantees that the advertisement on the messaging application will not break or harm the user experience. So the company is decided to show the ads only on the status. There will not be any additional popup ads or in-message ads. The ads are completely limited to the status are and it will be shown only for those who are using the status feature in the Whatsapp.

The Whatsapp Status ads will be displayed as a normal status message along with other status messages from your contacts. Along with the status of your friends and family, Status ads will be placed in between them. While watching each status, the Whatsapp Status Ads will also come in between and you can skip that by swiping like the normal Status Message.

It is also to be noted that, along with the status ads WhatsApp is also planning to integrate the messaging platform with other products such as Facebook Messenger and Instagram in the future. So that users from Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp can chat together from all these three applications. So in the near future, all the other types of ads that are available in Facebook Messenger and Instagram also might be available in WhatsApp too.

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