If your WhatsApp messages are not senting, you may wonder whats wrong with WhatsApp and whether the issue is from WhatsApp or with your device. In this article, we will check the issues that commonly happen with WhatsApp and how we can fix the WhatsApp message issues.

Whats Wrong With WhatsApp & How to Fix It

WhatsApp issues can happen due to multiple reasons. In rare cases, the WhatsApp server can cause issues, resulting in outages. As a result, WhatsApp users might face issues in sending messages. In such a case, the messages won’t be sent and will show undelivered. The server issue is not common and was a rare issue. In the past, we say a few outages like that.

If the issue is from the WhatsApp server side, there won’t be any fix done by the user. In such cases, WhatsApp users need to wait until the issue gets resolved by WhatsApp itself.

WhatsApp Issue From User Side and Fixes

On the other hand, some issues can happen due to the problem from the user’s side. Following are some issues and their fixes for the WhatsApp issues.

The most common issues with WhatsApp messages not sending are related to the connectivity issue and some software-related issues. If WhatsApp is not working and none of your messages are sending, follow the troubleshooting steps to fix it.

Trouble shooting with Airplane mode

As the Airplane mode disconnects all the network, one of the troubleshooting steps is to turn on and off the Airplane mode. To do so, go to the setting section of your phone and turn on and off airplane mode. You can find the Airplane mode on Android devices under the Network & Settings section. On iPhone, it was directly available under settings.

Turn On Mobile Data

Make sure you are getting an internet connection. If you are connected via WiFi, check the internet link first. You can use the mobile data if there is no internet connection on your WiFi network. Go to the settings and turn on the mobile data if you have a data plan. Once done, check WhatsApp by sending the message. If working, you can see the tick mark for your sent messages.

WiFi Trouble Shooting

If you are using WiFi and facing an issue with the WiFi connection on WhatsApp, you can try disconnecting and reconnecting the WiFi on your mobile. Go to the settings section on your mobile and Turn Off and Turn On the Wifi to fix the issue.

Restarting the WiFi Router

Even after turning off and on the WiFi connection, the WhatsApp issue was not resolved; you can try restarting the WiFi router. Due to the DNS issue, the DNS caching may affect connections to some servers or services. To clear them, you restart the WiFi router and may find the issue gets resolved.

Restarting Mobile

Restarting the mobile is an essential step that can be done for any type of issue. If none of the steps helped you, you could restart the device to check whether the issue is fixed or not.

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