You are using WhatsApp and thinking about how to stop downloading photos on your phone? Here we have answers.

No doubt, WhatsApp is the primary communication platform used by the majority of users all around the world. Since we started using WhatsApp for all personal and official communications, users’ main issue is memory management.

Getting messages won’t eat your phone memory, but downloading photos, videos, audio messages, documents, etc., will take your internal memory.

By default, most users set the option of auto download, and hence all the photos, videos, and other documents will automatically download to the device once received. And the fact is that we view them and leave them apart until an ‘Out of memory’ message pops up.

Here we explain how to stop the auto download of the images, videos, etc., in WhatsApp and save the phone memory.

How to stop WhatsApp from Downloading Photos and Videos

Step 1: Open WhatsApp and click on the menu (3 dots at the top).

Step 2: From the menu list, click on settings.

Step 3: From the settings page, click on ‘Storage and data’


Step 4: On the Storage and data page, you can find an option like

  • While using mobile data
  • When connected on Wi-Fi
  • When roaming under Media auto-download option.


Step 5: Click on the options, and under each option, you will get additional selections like

  • Photos
  • Audio
  • Videos
  • Documents


You can untick all the options under each category. Once done, no images, videos, audios, and documents will be downloaded automatically.

Once an image, video, audio, or document is received, you need to download them manually. In this way, you can avoid the auto download of any unwanted photos or videos on WhatsApp.

Only download what you need, and thus saving space on the mobile.

Different options under Media Auto Downloads

When using mobile data – In this option, you can select whatever item (image, video, audio, document). And only the selected items will be downloaded automatically while you are on mobile data.

When connected to WiFi – In this option, only selected items will be automatically downloaded while connected to WiFi.

When roaming – It is always recommended to untick all the options under this item. Here, only selected items will be automatically downloaded while you are roaming. Since roaming data usage can cost a higher tariff, always try to disable the auto-download.

In this way, we can restrict the auto download options of images and videos in WhatsApp and save the internal memory.

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