In the last article, we discussed how to enable the WhatsApp sticker feature and add a sticker pack to WhatsApp. However, today we are going to see how to remove sticker pack from WhatsApp. Removing WhatsApp stickers is not a big deal, and you can delete the WhatsApp stickers in a few simple steps.

If you are one of them, then you can check how you can enable the sticker pack on your whatsapp. Now we will check how we can remove an already added sticker pack from your WhatsApp account.


Delete Sticker Pack From WhatsApp

If you added some sticker pack in your WhatsApp account using some third party application or even from the WhatsApp itself, then now we can remove it from the sticker section in the Whatsapp. To do so, you can perform the following steps.

Step 1: From the WhatsApp chat section, click on the emoji icon and select the sticker section.

Step 2: In the sticker category section, you can see the ‘+’ icon in the window. Click on that.

sticker 1

Step 3: In the next window, you can see the sticker pack page, which contains two sections, ALL STICKERS and MY STICKERS.

Step 4: Click on MY STICKERS section. There you can see a list of all the added sticker packs.

sticker 2

Step 5: Find the sticker pack that you would like to remove and then click on the delete icon to the side of that pack.

Step 6: A confirmation window will appear that will ask your permission to delete it. Click on ‘DELETE’

sticker 3

Done, the selected sticker pack for WhatsApp is now deleted from your WhatsApp account.