Like any other social media application, WhatsApp also got a permanent position in communication. WhatsApp is the mainly used communication application worldwide, beating the legacy SMS and messaging services. In certain countries, almost 95% of communications are via WhatsApp.

In this article, rather than looking into the details of WhatsApp, we are checking the different ways available to WhatsApp hack. Several users are raising questions about how to hack WhatsApp using their phone numbers, and we can have any WhatsApp hack app available.

So, we will check that in detail and see how to do the WhatsApp hack in all possible ways. So let’s see the details of the WhatsApp hacks and their possibilities.

How to Do WhatsApp Hack to See WhatsApp Messages and Activities

We can see that many websites are claiming to offer services like WhatsApp hack and WhatsApp message access etc. But most of them are not working and are some kind of scams too. So, here we are looking at how to hack Whatsapp and check the WhatsApp messages of another user.

By referring to the WhatsApp hack, it is not required to consider it illegal. The purpose here for explaining the possibility of a WhatsApp hack and the ethical way to gain access to WhatsApp messages and activities if needed. So, only consider the WhatApp hack for ethical use, and unauthorized access to anyone’s personal account is not recommended in any way.

WhatsApp Hack With OTP

In this method, the WhatsApp hack is done with OTP, and you dont need any QR code to access the WhatsApp account. Some hackers used this trick some days back to collect the OTP code from the victim and gain access to the WhatsApp account. Here it works.

The hacker tries registering WhatsApp on their mobile by entering the victim’s mobile number. Once the registration goes on, they will contact the victim over the phone and ask them to deliver the code they receive.

The WhatsApp hacking team manages to convince the victim, and finally, the victim provides the OTP code to hackers. Soon after getting the code, the WhatsApp hacker tries logging into the WhatsApp account by providing the OTP. Finally, the person who does the WhatsApp hack will get complete control over the account and can read the upcoming messages.

Here one issue for the hacker exists. Since the hacker tries to log in to the account on a different handset, there won’t be any chat backup. Hence they won’t see any old chats and messages. But the hacker can see all the new messages received on that number.

Another thing is that once the hacker accesses the WhatsApp account, the original WhatsApp user will get a notification that the account is signing on to another device. So the real WhatsApp user can gain the account quickly.

Hack WhatsApp using the QR Code

This is a standard method used by many users to see the WhatsApp messages of others. This method is widely used for fun and real monitoring. For this method to work, the target users’ mobile should be with the one who will hack the WhatsApp account.

This is not a hack, but using an official WhatsApp feature to see the messages of other users. It uses the WhatsApp web feature. The one who will monitor the WhatsApp account uses the WhatsApp web on any browser and log in using the QR code option. If you are unaware of that and wish to know how to use the WhatsApp web feature, you can check the article about the WhatsApp web.

WhatsApp Hacking and Monitoring Apps

Some applications are available to hack Whatsapp accounts and monitor the messages and activity of the other WhatsApp account. Following are a few of the WhatsApp hacking applications available that you can try. Before proceeding further, we would like to tell you that there is no possible way to do the WhatsApp hack without OTP and QR code as more and more users are raising the question. In that place, you can use the below third-party tool to access the WhatsApp activity.

uMobix WhatsApp Tracker

WhatsApp tracker by uMobix is a great tool to monitor the WhatsApp activity of others. It can be used as a WhatsApp hacking tool to see all the WhatsApp user’s online activity, including WhatsApp messages, Calls, Group messages, etc. The application can be used as the best parental control application to keep an eye on the WhatsApp activity of Kids.

mSpy WhatsApp Tool

mSpy WhatsApp Tool is another WhatsApp tracker that can track the online activity of the WhatsApp user. This tool works so that all the activities, including WhatsApp calls, chat messages, group details, and messages can be actively monitored from any place in the world. This tool works in real-time, and you can monitor the WhatsApp messages and details live.

eyeZy WhatsApp Monitor

eyeZe WhatsApp Tracker is another WhatsApp tracking application in the list. Like the above two, this tool also works in real-time to check the live activity of other WhatsApp users, including messages and call details. This tool will log all the activity, and you can see the messages of the target WhatsApp user using any pc or laptop remotely.

It is also to be noted that the tools mentioned above are mainly used to monitor WhatsApp activity, especially for parents to have an eye on their kid’s WhatsApp activity. To use and track WhatsApp activity, the device you will monitor should be with you while configuring the WhatsApp spying tool. Once configured, you dont need the device physically with you, and you can virtually see all the activities from anywhere.

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