Formatting and resetting your smartphones are common for most of the mobile users. Some people do it on regular basis to maintain the smooth performance of the handset, where as some other will to it to solve some issues like hanging problem, application error etc. Most people are still not ready to format their handset, even if there is any problem. Most common problem facing by them are the restoring issue, most people are afraid that, there data in the mobile will loss.

Here i will let you know, few things to keep in mind and to perform before formatting the handset, so that you can restore it effectively without loosing anything and the phone will be back as like the same.

Before formatting the mobile, 1st thing to be done is to backup all the data in the mobile. All the data you needs includes, images, videos, documents, etc etc which is stored in the internal or external storage. Then most important thing is your contact, call logs, sms bookmarks etc. Then your applications. Finally your custom launcher settings, if any.

For all the data in the internal/external storage including images, videos, documents etc should be transferd to an external storage such as memory card etc.

Contacts may be already synced with google will let you to restore it automatically after restore, however, for an extra care, we can take a backup manually along with all the call logs, sms and bookmarks in the mobile.

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For this the best application is Super Backup & Restore. Install the application on your mobile and change the backup location to external memory card (bt default it will be set as internal storage). Once its done, you can take the backup of contact, sms, call logs, bookmarks and your application list to the memory card.

If you have a custom launcher installed like nova launcher, then take the backup of the settings too and save it in the memory card. Once the launcher is reinstalled after format, you can choose the backup file to restore, so the appearance of the mobile will look same even after the restore.

Once done, all the data will be stored in the memory card which can be used during the time of restore. As i mentioned above, Super Backup & Restore will let you to backup all the application installed on your mobile and store all of them as apk file in the backup folder. It will be easy for us to reinstall the application after restore. Otherwise, we have to go to the play store again to install each applications.

Once all the backup has been taken, you can proceed with the format/reset and once everything is done, you can configure the device as like you did at the 1st time. Configuring the WiFi, data and time, google account etc. You can also re-insert your memory card. Once all the configuration is done you can go to the play store and install the Super Backup and Restore application, then configure the backup location to the memory card, exactly the same location we setup before format.

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Then you can see all the backups there, sms, contacts etc… Click on the restore and you can restore each items. Regarding the application restore, you need to select each application from the backup folder to reinstall it again.

Note: You need to backup your WhatsApp also before the format, using the google drive or using the memory card to keep it same as before. I will share your another article regarding the WhatsApp backup and restore later.

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