Torrenting has been one of the most feasible sources of acquiring online data. It allows sharing and downloading TV shows, films, soundtracks, software, games, and much more through P2P (peer-to-peer) protocols.

Although torrenting is not illegal in Canada, it doesn’t condone sharing of copyright-protected content. However, it’s mainly used for sharing licensed data, and as a result, many top torrent websites have been banned by the authorities due to copyright infringements.

However, you can use a premium VPN to unblock torrent websites. ExpressVPN is one of the best torrenting VPNs in Canada, allowing you to download your desired content through torrent websites and P2P connections.

Torrenting is a usual way of file-sharing and has been prevalent globally for decades. However, Canada has a high percentage of torrent users that has decreased significantly over the years due to popular torrent websites being blocked in compliance with stringent copyright laws.

Are you looking to download your favorite TV show or film from a torrent website? Here are 5 ways to unblock a torrent when it’s not working in Canada.

5 Ways to Unblock a Torrent in Canada

There are many ways to bypass the torrent blocking situation when trying to get to your desired content, but it is restricted. After giving an in-depth analysis along with individual testing, we listed down some of the best and working solutions for this issue.

These methods will let you safely dodge the restrictions and unblock these torrents without much hassle. Following are the best ways to unblock a torrent when it’s not working.

1. Get a VPN to Unblock Torrent Websites

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is our top recommended method to bypass torrent restrictions. It is one of the easiest methods to unblock the torrent that is not accessible. A VPN allows you to mask your real location and identity through its top-notch encryption tools. Consequently, you can access any restricted torrent site unavailable in Canada by changing your location. VPNs offer thousands of private servers around the world in different geographic areas.

Apart from that, VPNs also secure you from getting caught for violating the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and any other copyright laws by authorities since your actions will be done incognito. This way, your ISP won’t block you while downloading torrent files.

2. Get Hold of Magnet Links

You might have seen U-shape magnet icons displayed in front of torrent files on several torrenting websites. These magnet links allow you to download your preferred file without downloading the actual torrent file on your system. This way, you can quickly start downloading the file you want to download by preventing torrent blocking.

3. Go to an HTTP Proxy Server

HTTP proxy servers are another way to access blocked content, including torrent websites that have been restricted. There are several handy proxy websites that Canadians can access to bypass torrent blocking. You can opt for or TXTor.

Using the TxTor browser allows you to modify the extension of your downloaded torrent file to *.txt*and lets you unblock restricted torrents.

4. Shift to Port 80

If you are using a torrent app to download data to your system, you must change the port to “80” to prevent your torrents from getting blocked.
Port 80 works as the standard port for all data transfers through HTTP, so network admins don’t usually block them. Instead, simply settings of your torrent app and set it to route the data through port 80.

Setting up your port to “8080” or “80” can be done manually, but first, you have to turn off Nat PMP and UPnP port mapping.

Although your blocked torrents will get through port 80, you will face a slower downloading speed. So you have to bear with it if you want to download files through torrents.

5. Use Seedbox

Seedbox is the last on our list for downloading a torrent anonymously that is blocked in Canada.

Why are seedboxes a popular way to unblock a torrent? Seedboxes are used to transfer your data to a computer in the same way any website transfers its data to your computer. It means any network administrator has no authority to block a Seedbox because it would mean blocking access to all web.

A Seedbox lets you download torrents quickly by going around P2P blocked by your internet service providers. It works like a ZBIGZ and plays its part as an intermediary. And that is how you download the torrent files to a Seedbox, and then later, you can move the downloaded file into your system.

Final Words

Accessing torrents has become an annoying hurdle for Canadians and all users worldwide. The copyright violations have increased over time, forcing the authorities to shut down popular torrenting websites.

Due to these strict copyright laws, even those users are suffering who just want to use torrenting as a P2P medium for sharing files. Torrenting has become a risky business, and it can land you in trouble if you are involved in copyright violations.

VPN technology allows Canadians to access blocked torrents without worrying about getting caught. Not only VPNs, but we have also mentioned other handy ways to unblock torrent websites.

Some unblocking methods have better utility than others but carry out the unblocking mechanism smartly. A premium VPN remains the safest way to evade torrent websites and P2P sharing restrictions. A smart VPN can easily mask your identity and encrypt all your web traffic. This way, you can share or download whatever you want through torrenting without revealing your identity to ISPs and government agencies.

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