Everyone understands that the basis of advertising is a high-quality explanatory animated video. Today it is rapidly conquering the worldwide network.

The characters are of interest. Therefore they are attracted to people of different ages. A fascinating storyline evokes the emotional feelings and emotions of the audience, so many people like it.


Since most learn visually, and most information enters the brain through visual perception, animated videos better understand the information.


Most companies see video as the backbone of their promotion strategy. Marketing and animation are closely related. Even the largest companies incorporate animated videos into their development strategy. It is not surprising that a business is betting on this promotion, so you should pay attention.

1. Decide on a niche

While identifying a niche is critical, some marketers don’t take it seriously when implementing a plan. First, you need to know the circle of potential customers. In addition, everyone will love the animated tutorial videos. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to find out what customers like before creating videos. After that, it is easy to decide how much energy you need to allocate great explainer videos and what budget to allocate.

2. Choose a style

An essential feature of animated explainer videos is creating a particular environment that cannot be in reality. The imagination of the videos will allow you to make such scenes. You need to choose the right video style so that potential customers like it. If you want to convey simple information, impress the client, you can resort to animated graphics or 2D.

3. The script is an important part

Before bringing anime characters to life – write an excellent script to attract leads in the first minutes. Therefore, we believe that the basis of the explanatory video is the script.

Animated explanatory videos should interest the viewer, which should be done at the show’s beginning. If they are long, the potential client will surely get tired and will not become real. So tell it briefly, in the first seconds, you need to place the most important things.

Since the video doesn’t have to belong, fill it with information and entertainment as much as possible, but do it in a balanced way.


4. The importance of voiceover and sound effect

Once a good script emerges, you need to find the right voice to get the brand’s message across to potential customers. Professionals record voiceovers in the studio, but the client may ask to make it perfect.

There are many aspects to consider when choosing a voiceover for an explainer video. The most important thing to know is to choose the right tone for your video. You can make it sound formal or more relaxed. Depending on which option you apply, you can achieve completely different emotions and sensations.

If the company where you order the project has a tough culture, it will be better to hear a clearly expressed and processed voice behind the scenes. Correctly selected sound effects or fragments will give liveliness to the video and will be able to attract potential customers. In addition, sound can evoke different emotional types, atmospheres, and playback rates.

5. There must be humor

Potential clients who are having fun while watching will surely remember the message and believe it. Therefore, there should be a little humor in the video. If it’s funny at the beginning, viewers will probably want to watch it to the end. But not every company can do this without being annoying. You can add metaphors.

6. Get ready to launch

You shot a good animated explainer video, and now it’s going to be circulated on the Internet for everyone to watch. There are many video hosting sites offering to host it. Integrate it on your website as well, and it will also significantly increase traffic.

To get a high-quality startup explainer video, contact our studio, and the masters will help you!

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