Do you want to make a business card for your business or create a logo for your new website? The solutions include:

  1. Rely on a professional logo designer to create a personalized and unique graphic for your company.
  2. Try to realize a logo yourselves. There are many sites on the Internet that allow you to create logos in a short time. In this guide, we will reveal the best four sites that the web makes available to us. They are handy for creating small projects where the budget is certainly limited.

Online Logo Maker

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1. DesignEvo

DesignEvo is a web app that allows you to create your logo with professional qualities easily. Over 5000 logo templates ready to be customized, giving life to a unique and compelling logo in just a few clicks. Choose your category among the many options available from the site, such as music, technology, football, cars, shopping, and food.

The site is easy to use, giving you the ability to change fonts, colors, sizes, icons, and backgrounds. Once you have finished your logo, you will be able to download it for free (limit of 500px) or choose the Basic or Plus version at meager prices. DesignEvo is undoubtedly among the best sites to create online logos.

2. Logaster

Logaster is the site that allows you to create and download small logos for free, while for large logos, you need to pay $ 9.99. The logo creation process does not require any technical skills. It allows everyone to create a corporate identity for their business in minutes. The site offers all the tools for the perfect logo creation, including high-quality icons and fonts, which will serve as a basis for your branded products.

To create the logo, just enter your company’s name and choose the type of business category. Then Logaster will offer you several options, each of which will become the basis of your corporate identity. Choose one and edit it as you like. You can change colors, fonts, icons, and much more. Once you have made all the changes, click on “Next,” and the logo will be saved. Download free small logos to view them before paying.

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3. Logo Maker

Logo Maker is undoubtedly another one of the best sites for creating online logos. Over 2,393,968 companies have used Logo Maker online to create their logos. It is a complete logo design tool that allows you to do much more in no time. Just click on the Start Logo Maker button located on the home page of the site.

From there, you will open a tool containing a popup that will show you to enter the name of the brand with the related activity category. Once selected, you are ready to choose the symbol that will be next to your logo. Then you are ready to be able to start customizing your logos by changing the text, colors, or symbols. Once finished, you will have to save the project (registration required) and download the logo on the PC.

4. Canva

Creating a fantastic logo with Canva is really a breeze. Everyone can create their own visual branding, even without any graphic design experience. The first thing to do is create an account to start designing your logo. Then, choose a logo from the professional template library. After that, you can upload your graphics or choose one from the free element library of Canva. Next, edit your logo by modifying fonts, icons or adding filters. Then save the project, and you are ready for sharing.

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