It isn’t necessary for you to be a professional to spy on a mobile phone. With progressive technical help, we now have alternatives known as mobile phone trackers. The motive of monitoring apps is to provide tracking services with a better and straightforward approach. That’s how people can monitor any mobile device remotely without hiring a hacker.

Among the spy apps, TheWiSpy is the best choice because it offers exceptional services across the globe. Unfortunately, most spy apps that provide good quality services are expensive, with complicated interfaces making it hard to spy. The purpose of giving ease is lost in this chaos, and that’s why TheWiSpy is different from others.

You can easily monitor android phones with a user-friendly interface. Moreover, TWS offers easy installation and fantastic customer support. So, the question of whether the app is difficult to use is out of the frame. First, you have to get the software and have a competent spy app on your device. Then, you’re suitable to monitor the online and digital activities of your target remotely.

TheWiSpy – A remote spy app

TheWiSpy is the best android tracking app because it offers unmatchable remote spying features. It is used for parental control and employee monitoring in most cases. It provides clear insights on what’s happening in your child’s phone from remote access. In addition, TWS provides secrete spying services so you won’t scare off your kids or make your relationships worse.

Indeed trust is essential between a parent and a child, but sometimes parents are forced to use spy apps to ensure a secure lifestyle for children. You will get access to read SMS, spy on calls, track locations, record surround conversation, and more using the TheWiSpy app. The data collected from the android monitoring application is uploaded on the control panel of TheWiSpy for user access.

How TheWiSpy is a leading mobile tracker?

TheWiSpy is a top mobile phone tracker for Android globally; parents and employees are satisfied using the software. But the question stands still that how is it a leading app? Well, that’s because TheWiSpy is a feature-rich and high-quality mobile tracker. Without putting much effort, you can spy on any smart device remotely.

You can enjoy both Android and web-based experiences with TheWiSpy. The app software is installed on the mobile phone or a tablet to access the target phone’s data. On the other hand, the web interface allows the user to view the spying results in real-time. In addition, you can remotely make changes to the phone and bring information to your device.
Other than all the fantastic qualities of TheWiSpy, here are some main reasons that set TWS apart.

1. No rooting required

One of the unique parts of TheWiSpy is that you don’t need to root your device before installing the software. Almost every android mobile phone tracker requires rooting so you can exchange information between two devices.

The problem is that it brings many difficulties, such as the cell phone performance slowing down and becoming vulnerable to security threats. On the other hand, TheWiSpy can provide exceptional performance without rooting while using advanced features like GPS tracking, call recording, etc.

2. Powerful stealth mode

A spy app should work in secrecy, or else what’s the point of spending money. People take help from mobile phone tracker for Android to monitor without being noticed by their target. TheWiSpy is an undetectable spy app that works with a powerful stealth mode. It helps the application hide in the phone’s background so that the user won’t find out.

Apart from the app icon, the whole processing is performed secretly in the background of the phone. So, for example, the app can record an ongoing call without muddling it. Your child can’t detect TWS no matter if they are good with technology, and that is a huge reason why TheWiSpy is preferable for many parents.

3. Secure and trustworthy app

TheWiSpy is a highly trusted application because it guarantees the security of your private data 100%. Unfortunately, many fake tracking apps in the market manipulate personal information in the name of spying. You need to beware of those and research well to avoid fraud.

With TheWiSpy, you will have your personalized account where the target device’s data will be uploaded. You can download stuff on your mobile or view it through your screen remotely. You can trust the app entirely because the TWS team is working every day to provide you with excellent quality results with 100% authenticity.

4. Excellent remote features

And finally, the most fantastic part of TheWiSpy is its remote features, and the whole performance is based on it. TWS offers advance and remote functions that make spying work for the user. The remote feature of the app includes the following.

1. GPS tracking

GPS tracking is the most demanding feature in parental control because parents are constantly stressed over where their child is all the time. Kid’s security is the number one priority of folks, and it should be because the world is a dangerous place. Juveniles can get trapped by evil people or assaulters, or worse.

You must keep tabs on who they’re meeting and where. You can never predict bad things, so it’s better to keep a closer eye on children. You will get real-time results through the mobile phone tracker app for Android. You can view history as well and set alerts for specific locations if you want.

2. Call log tracking

It’s natural for a parent to get worried if their kid is talking on the phone for several hours or get scared over a phone call. With TheWiSpy call log tracking, you can view call history and complete details of the contact. You can identify a harasser through the given information. In addition, TheWiSpy mobile tracker allows you to block contacts using the remote feature.

3. Text message tracking

Are you suffering because you think your partner is cheating? Then, you can check their text messages before jumping to any conclusion. Through this step, you can monitor suspicious contacts and screenshot conversations to prove yourself in the future. In addition, it is a great feature for monitoring kids’ chatting activity on social media sites.

4. Call recording

Don’t struggle anymore if you want to listen to your employees’ calls with your competitors. You can do that remotely using the call recording feature of TheWiSpy. The app has access to the target phone’s microphone, so it will start recording in the background when you command the app. You can hear the conversation later when TWS uploads it to the control panel.

5. Camera spy

TheWiSpy is the best mobile phone tracker where you can get unique functions like camera spy. It can help you capture live scenes of the target’s phone surroundings. The spy app has access to the phone’s camera to click photos without alarming the mobile user.

6. Social media tracking

Social media like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook are highly popular among children. Almost 80% of teenagers have accounts on these social applications. They approach friends and meet strangers on these apps.

Parents are concerned about kid’s online activity all the time or have concerns that they’re victims of cybercrimes. You can track the movement of all these apps through TheWiSpy. You can see the feed of the apps, text messages, and calls. You can block accounts remotely as well.

7. Other features

  • Web browser control
  • Surround recording
  • Geofencing
  • App monitoring

Getting started with TheWiSpy

If you’ve completed your installation, then you can get started with TheWiSpy by logging in to your account. You will find all the features that you’ve subscribed for on the screen or dashboard. It is the place where you’ll be viewing your spied information. After that, you can command any feature per your need, and the app will start working.

For example, when you need to spy on a web browser, you can do that remotely. The outcome is shown on your screen remotely. It’ll be like you have your target’s phone in your hand. The same goes for other functions, and those process the same way. You have to trust TheWiSpy, and you’ll get exactly what you’ve signed up for in the end.

Pricing of TheWiSpy


TheWiSpy is an affordable mobile phone tracking app. It has three subscriptions when it comes to price plans. All plans have unique features, but each is different from the other. For example, you have a standard package, premium package, and platinum package. You will get advanced features like SMS tracking, call log monitoring, GPS tracking, etc., in the standard plan for $19.99 only.

The premium plan will get all standard features and remote functions such as camera spy, surround recording, etc. It is available for $29.99 only. The platinum plan is best if you want to use an android monitoring application for detailed spying. You will get updated and new functions along with others. For example, web browser control, social media monitoring, etc., and you can get it for $49.99 only.

Performance of TheWiSpy

TheWiSpy is pretty good at spying. You will get services as promised by the provider with complete accuracy. Unfortunately, it is rare to find a compatible android tracking app with unique remote features supported by all devices.

You can backup data stored on your device, so you still have complete control over it if it gets into the wrong hands. The results of this mobile tracker are unmatched, and it doesn’t stop working until the user does.

Final verdict

If you want a mobile phone tracker app for Android devices that can fetch data remotely without getting caught, then TheWiSpy cell phone tracker app is your answer. You will have control over the mobile phone ultimately. It allows you to monitor smartphones and make changes with advanced features.

The output timing is minimal, which makes it the best mobile phone tracker. You will get a reasonable price for any software plan you’ll select, with easy installation guaranteed. Trust TheWiSpy and get high-quality spying results in no time.

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