The PDF file is a portable document format that we can use in all operating systems, including Windows, Linux, etc. We can create or edit any document with the help of this tool. In addition, it helps develop the information system by making different reports and forms available.

Sometimes some problems come while creating these files, like some error happens while sending out the email while saving the file on a computer, or some other issues, so it becomes necessary to repair these types of pdf files immediately. To repair corrupted pdf files, you need good Pdf editor software that can solve your problem quickly within a few seconds without harming your data. This software is compatible with all versions of Windows operating systems.

We can repair pdf files with the help of SwifDoo PDF. It is one of the best editors to edit pdf files. SwifDoo PDF helps create 100% blendable, re-editable content within pdf files. Some other tools are also present to edit pdf files like Foxit reader, PDFCreator, etc.

SwifDoo PDF software has some amazing advanced features that differentiate it from other pdf editors. For example, you can load multiple pdf documents in this tool simultaneously, waiting time waiting for all opened files is zero because it automatically saves them in the background. Furthermore, after editing these files, you can keep these simultaneously without any problem by using batch conversion mode in this program, and many more features will amaze you.

Many other editors can solve your problem, like PDFCreator, etc. But if you don’t want to spend a single penny, SwifDoo PDF is the best choice for you because it is paid software, but still, it can be downloaded free from different sites. Similarly, if you don’t pay money, then SwifDoo PDF will work fine with all advanced features present in the latest version. So this is a perfect tool that helps you fix any pdf file errors without spending extra bucks on these software models.

SwifDoo is an online service that enables you to create, convert, merge, compress and sign PDF documents. It runs in the web browser with no installation or additional software required.

All you have to do is upload a file or provide a link to the document on your computer, select your desired output format and click the Convert button.

SwifDoo can convert documents to PDF, Word (DOCX), Text (TXT), and Image (JPG, PNG, TIFF). It also allows you to merge multiple PDFs into one file.

The service is free, limiting users to creating 100 conversions per month. There is also a paid premium version that offers unlimited conversions.

It is worth mentioning that the speed of conversion is very fast. So if you have low expectations for quality, this service does its job well.

Features SwifDoo PDF

The features are as follows

  • Convert from PDF to PDF, Word (DOCX), Text (TXT), and Image (JPG, PNG, TIFF).
  • Merge multiple files into a single file.
  • 100 conversions per month for free. Unlimited conversions with paid plans.
  • Fast conversion speed.
  • No installation or additional software is required.
  • Runs in the web browser with no installation or additional software required.
  • It is worth mentioning that conversion speed is very fast. If you have low expectations for quality, then this service does its job well.

Editing Capabilities: A great way to edit a pdf file is by adding or modifying text in a document. This will help when correcting mistakes in a document or creating notes in the margins of a paper. However, free pdf editors can only edit the text within a file. To add text, change formatting, embed pictures into the file, etc., people who want more advanced editing abilities may need to purchase a software upgrade or purchase the upgraded version of their pdf editor.

Reading Capabilities: A pdf file is read – and viewed – in much the same way as a traditional book. Some people do not want to edit a document but would like to view it as intended by the creator. These readers can choose between free and paid versions of pdf editors based on if they want those reading capabilities included in their document. If so, they will need to pay for an upgraded version of their reader.

Reviewing Functionality: Would you like to review your document before sharing it? Depending on how many people will need to view and interact with your document, having the ability to save the changes you make as you go can keep your work organized and avoid confusion among those who view your file. Many free pdf editors require items to be sent back and forth between users since there is no reviewing functionality in entry-level options.

Creating pdfs can be a time & money-consuming process. With, you’ll be able to:

  • Convert your documents in various formats (from and to) and resolutions (from and to).
  • Merge, compress, split, join pdf files—sign PDF documents with an electronic digital signature. Apply document formatting quickly by uploading a word processing file directly from Google Docs or Office Online.
  • Share the converted files on social media platforms through email links or embed them into your blog posts.

Expertise Required?

SwifDoo is easy enough for amateurs yet powerful enough for experts in the online publishing world. It does not require any technical expertise. Moreover, we guarantee satisfaction with our services, so you have nothing to lose.

SwifDoo is a tool that allows you to convert quickly and compress merge and sign PDF documents from the convenience of your browser window. SwifDoo works with Microsoft Word (.docx) and Google Docs (.gdoc) files, so when you want to share an important document online or upload it into your WordPress blog posts, all you need to do is drag & drop the file into the browser window.

If you are creating an ebook, then drag & drop that Docx file into our converter for fast conversion of word docs into epub documents. Using this service, you can also skip double-sided printing by merging two pdf pages on one paper side. When converting through SwifDoo, choose either a one-page or two-page side media type to suit your needs.

Regarding pdf signing, Swifdoo offers a variety of options for digital signatures from Verisign & Adobe. Once you upload the signed documents, they will be sent to a unique URL to share on social networks and email links. The support staff is always available via live chat to assist with any issues during this process.

After creating an account in Swifdoo, go to the Sitebuilder section and add all the pages you want. When you are ready, click on the Publish page, and when it asks you what kind of media you want to publish, click SHAREDOCS, and it will ask you for your account email login information. After submitting this information, the page below will be opened up.

Be sure to select an appropriate name for your SwifDoo Shared Docs page, or else a random string of characters will be used as the URL slug.

SwifDoo is a service for converting, merging, and signing PDF documents. This is an excellent tool for bloggers as you can share your ebook with others by emailing the attached pdf file.

Functionality of Swifdoo PDF

SwiftDoo enables you to create, convert, merge, compress and sign PDF documents. To start working with the platform, we need to create an account. Then, you can choose between a free and a paid option – it is up to you which one you choose as both come with their benefits. For example, if you want to convert a document quickly, you can use the free version and start right away. If you’re going to create more extensive documents or work with more than one file at a time, though, you will need to choose one of the paid plans.

Ease of Use: Swifdoo is very easy, even if you haven’t worked with desktop applications before. And if you want to, you can also use drag and drop to structure your work better.

Help: If you get stuck or need some help, Swifdoo has beneficial customer support willing to help out whenever needed. They will answer every little question and guide you through more complex processes.

Price: Swifdoo is affordable, especially since they offer free and paid plans. You get whatever you need for whatever your budget is.

Software: The software is free to download. It offers both free and premium plans.


PDF files can be daunting – they’re full of warnings and errors, sometimes numbering in the hundreds. Not only do these warnings make a PDF harder to read, but many of them can prevent your Acrobat from opening the file at all. So if you are looking for a quick, easy-to-use application that enables you to convert documents while keeping everything organized simultaneously, then Swifdoo is a perfect choice. We highly recommend using it!

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