These days, Brand owners and companies need to be extra competitive than ever. Besides promoting sites or brands on different social media platforms, they also have to ensure branding consistency, maintain relations with customers/clients, take brainstorming initiatives, and always stay one step ahead of their competitors.

No graphic designer can create something extraordinary without having the best graphic designing tools. In fact, the best graphic designing software is the right-hand man of a designer.

Technology and art can be linked in ways to create beautiful, purposeful, and practical things. If you are looking for a tool that can push boundaries in designing, PosterMyWall is what you’re looking for!

In such situations, PosterMyWall is your one-stop solution to design catchy marketing graphics in a quick way, without hurting your pocket.

What is PosterMyWall?

PosterMyWall is a famous graphic design tool that allows you to sketch stunning and creative posts for your social media handles and engaging videos in no time by customizing templates. You do have to learn special designing skills to create a post.

It lets you collaborate with your teammates by sharing folders, digital assets, and designs. You can also publish your created design directly on your social media handle, all from one place.

PosterMyWall Features

Video Creation

PosterMyWall is an excellent tool to craft attention-grabbing videos with unique customized templates at very affordable pricing plans. It lets you make changes to a video or into an image with just a few clicks.

Menu creation tools

With this tool, you can create menus via the menu-maker feature to engage users in real-time.

Audio addition

PosterMyWall allows you to add audio to your customized designs as per your taste.

  • Automated Publishing
  • Multi-Account Management
  • Post Scheduling

Benefits of Using PosterMyWall

This graphic design tool is best for small and large brands who want to create a catchy poster to promote their business and services. Good graphic design boosts a positive brand value. A poor brand promotion poster could have a bad impact on your company’s identity.

FOr example: If you open a website and find its content hard to read, difficult to navigate, you know how frustrating that is for both readers and staff. If your customers aren’t satisfied with your company website, why would they stay with it? Thus, an excellent graphic design can help your company, staff, and customers satisfied.


JPG, JPEF, WBEP, GIF, or PDF- which file formats you often use for your website images and videos? A professional graphic designer knows which is the right file format to use and for what purpose, for the best results.

Similar goes for CMYL vs. RGB color modes, paper uses and weights, variety of CMS, and whether your magazine or website ad is appropriately designed and has the right contrast to look good when it’s published. PosterMyWalls know all of this; thus, you don’t have to spend a lot of time.

Attracts Customers

Whether you create a website logo or resign your site, it’s very important to use the right design tool. PosterMyWall ensures you maintain the best identity that attracts customers and will keep your customers hooked to your brand/site.


PosterMyWall has a free trial that offers a list of unique templates so that you can create creative designs at no cost. To get access to additional features, you can get a subscription plan which costs only.

A Useful Tip: PosterMyWall subscription plans provide a flexible pricing structure for image and video downloads, access various custom fonts, and get 24/7 customer support.

This tool is made in a manner to make it easier for newbies graphic designers to create amazing designs, logos.
Safe Working Experience

All your designs are saved and easily accessible. You don’t need to back it up. In case you lost your work due to some issue, you can easily recover it from the cloud.

Sharing Projects

Sharing files is a piece of cake with the PosterMyWall graphic designing tool. Also, you can invite your clients and mates to edit or view your crafted project in real-time.

You can also schedule your PosterMyWall post on social media. Share your work and get all praising from clients.

Note: Make different folders for unique ideas, save your work so that you can customize them later, or use them later for other projects.

Access to Various Objects

PosterMyWall offers a large set of assets that one can use in their graphic designing projects. With a wide range of features and objects, one can create unique and creative logo designs, photos, and videos. Try it now and play with the options.

Give staff time to focus

It is essential to invest in a professional to help the employee focus on other tasks. Without investing much money in hiring a graphic designer, you can get a tool at a very affordable price, PosterMyWall.

Need to think of a creative poster idea in one week? Or you want to promote any midnight sale on social media? Well, no matter what your need is, PosterMyWall has a bunch of ready-made templates for your work.

You need to choose a category (e.g., small business, events, bands, school, restaurants, and concerts. Browse in these categories that suit your needs and then customize as per your requirement. Now, add your company or brand’s name, make the specific changes and hurray, you’re done!

The tool is super-friendly to use. It also comes with many learning resources; you will get access to how-to-guides, video tutorials, and other online resources to get you learning steadily.


No matter you’re a big small enterprise, medium, or large enterprise, PosterMyWall has everything for you. Create everything from posters, menus, photos, flyers, certificates, logos, and so on, in just a few clicks.

Don’t invest money to hire a costly designer or do hours of struggle to learn the software as PosterMyWall is beginner-friendly.

Small businesses, or startups, benefit from its Premium plan, which provides tons of image downloads, watermark-free photos, and videos without any hassle.

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