Are you looking for a reliable Perfect Guide about Zencastre and a genuine platform to use for recording podcast interviews? If yes is your answer, then you should go for Zencastr without any second thought. There are millions of people who prefer using Zencastr due to its great features and benefits to the users worldwide.

It is easy to use and also very reasonably priced for everyone. You would be able to add guests via email and record them remotely. It even works smoothly if all the participants have external microphones and headsets. Here you would come to know more about the Zencastr and its pricing plans for the users worldwide.

What is Zencastr?

Zencastr is a modern web-based solution for high-quality podcast production. It has a fully-featured suite of professional tools that allows podcast producers to easily record their guests over the web in studio quality. There are separate and unique tracks that are recorded for each guest so that there will be no dropped audio or quality dips for sure.

You should note that Zencastr prefers using its Voice over IP service and you do not have to screen capture from the likes of Skype or Zoom. All the text and voice will be available in Zencastr only. Also, you can take the help of Google Drive and Dropbox for cloud integration without any hassle.

Zencastr offers a live editing soundboard that allows you to insert outros, intros easily, and various other audio clips at the time of recording. It is easy to way to record podcast interviews. You just need to invite people, hit records, and download better quality sound files.

It would be better for you to understand that Zencastr records on your PC microphone so that you would never face any issues with the sound quality for sure. Letโ€™s go through some of its best features you should be aware of right now!

Features of Zencastr

  • Automatic postproduction available
  • Live editing soundboard for inserting audio clips
  • Easy recording of separate tracks locally for each guest
  • Cloud integration
  • Remote podcast recording service
  • Built-in VoIP with voice and text chat
  • Record in Lossless WAV

Steps to Record Remote Podcasts with Zencastr

It is very easy to record a podcast remotely. All you need to do is just log in and select Create New Episode. After selecting a new episode, you need to give a name to the episode.

Now you can check out your recording space. You can go through settings to ensure that your audio input and output are working smoothly. After checking everything clearly, you can proceed further for recording.

It would be always better to check your settings first so that there will be no issues of audio quality and you can even check your speakers. You can select different options such as enabling or disabling the monitor functionality so that you would be able to hear your voice in real-time and also access various chat options.

If you want to add guests, then just click Invite where you will be prompted to enter guest email addresses and names. You can also copy an invite link and send that out. Once you are done with everything, you need to press Start Recording. You should note that whenever you stop a recording, Zencastr will make a new session.

Zencastrโ€™s built-in VoIP solution is very reliable and perfect. The user interface is very simple and easy to understand for the users. It works smoothly and simplifies the recording process by eliminating the need for adding an external service like Google Hangouts or Skype. The free plan is perfect for small-to-medium-sized podcasts.

Each audio file will be downloaded to the userโ€™s filesystem at the end of the recording. If you are not able to connect to Dropbox, then you can take the help of backups as well. Also, all the guests can leave just seconds after the completion of the recording. Zencastr streams the audio to Dropbox as it is recorded.

Zencastr Pricing & Plans

If you have decided to use Zencastr, then you should be aware of its pricing plans for sure. You should note that there are mainly two plans (free & professional) for the Zencastr web-based podcast recording platform. There is a free plan which you can try and you do not have to pay anything for using it at all.

By using a free plan, you would be able to record with up to two guests and caps recording at 8 hours per month. It provides pay-per-use postproductions and high-quality MP3 recordings.

If you are looking for more advanced features, then you should try its paid plan. You just have to pay USD 18 per month when billed annually or you can go for $20 every month. With the help of Zencastr Pro, you can get unlimited recordings and guests, the high-quality MP3 recordings or lossless WAV files, 10 hours of automatic postproduction each month, and a live editing soundboard.

Make sure you are going for the free plan first before proceeding further for the paid plan. There is also a 14 days free trial for the Zencastr Pro and you can try from your end for the better knowledge regarding it.

Why should you go for Zencastr?

Zencastr is one of the reliable and genuine web-based platforms which is easy to use and does not sacrifice audio quality. The audio quality will be amazing and you would love using it for sure. The free plan will offer you great features and also the professional plan is very affordable for users all around the world.

Its feature set is mainly for the podcasters and for recording remote podcasts; Zencastr is the only reliable option for everyone. It is well built to run right in your web browser. This makes it very easy to record or invite guests from anywhere with internet connectivity.

So, what are you waiting for? Just try it from your end and share your valuable experience here with us right now!

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