Technological advancements in the last few years have been impressive, don’t you agree? Lots of different online tools have come up to cover every single human need, undermining the prospects of traditional companies and face-to-face contact.

Though being a foreseeable change, we wouldn’t lie if saying that the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the process, making the online world grow by leaps and bounds. Far from being a mere whim, it has been rather a strained change. Anyway, this is the world we have had to live in so we have no choice but to adapt!

Already born in 2015, Passport Photo Online was created to cover the needs of the photo world; more particularly; the biometric photo market. You don’t have to be a genius to realize that the ID photo business was quite outdated in contrast with most others these days, turning their lives around.

We are aware of how reliable and necessary are professional photographic studios for many people; especially seniors, going for classics. But why spend time taking your photo at a photo booth when you can do that from the comfort of your home? My friends, it has no sense to keep attending photo booths in 2021. There is no need to leave home and look for the nearest photo booth if you can benefit from exactly the same photo services online.


Why Passport Photo Online instead of other online tools?

Passport Photo Online is the perfect option for those willing to get a suitable ID photo, as they guarantee that your photo will be accepted in 100% of cases. Such is the assurance, that they are committed to paying you back in the rare event that your photo is denied. Positive reviews from the customers and recognition by Forbes and National Geographic, among many others, make Passport Photo Online the ultimate photo market leader.

In contrast with other online photo tools, Passport Photo Online does not only check the validity of your photo, or crop it to the required dimensions but also applies the necessary changes with regards to every single official document and the guidelines that were established by the corresponding authorities. Thanks to its AI system, you can get the desired ID photo at any place and time.

This online passport photo generator is specifically conceived for smartphone use. You only need to take a photo, upload it and wait till Passport Photo Online does its job. The background where you took the photo will be transformed into plain, regular, and white/cream/light grey colour, the red-eye effect will be removed (if applicable), as well as shadows, or any other flaws.


Furthermore, Passport Photo Online makes the difference when it comes to client’s care. Once the process is finished, you can get your photo either in digital format, ready to print, or to submit to your online application, or in physical format. There is also the option of having your photo delivered at your home in a few days.

But Passport Photo Online does not only provide passport photos. By using this online photo tool, you can obtain the perfect driving license photo, visa photo, or LinkedIn photo, among many others available for tons of different countries. This is what makes Passport Photo Online different to others: they worry about your photo validity.

If it wouldn’t be like that, what is the point? That is the reason why, before enabling a new photo option, they study government guidelines to learn what their customers need. Of course, they will make sure you familiarize yourself with your government guidelines as well.

Moreover, it offers the photo service either in website mode or app mode. By using the Passport Photo Online website, you can carry out the process from any electronic device. Just make sure you have access to the photo you would like to upload, and complete the verification process either from your laptop, desktop PC, or tablet.

Anyway, is there anything more comfortable than installing the app from your smartphone, taking a picture without leaving the couch, and getting it ready in a minute? Passport Photo Online app is quite intuitive, user-friendly, and available both at Google Play and Apple Store.


How To Use Passport Photo Online App

Using Passport Photo Online is as easy as following the mentioned steps hereinafter:

  1. Firstly, select the preferred option, either the app or website.
  2. Choose between tons of official photos available for different countries.
  3. Read a couple of instructions before taking your photo to make sure you familiarize yourself with your government guidelines.
  4. Take a photo. Do not forget to keep your eyes open, your mouth closed, look straight to the camera, and follow the rest of the instructions. You can also upload a photo from your gallery as long as you find it suitable.
  5. Its AI system will ensure it follows the official photo guidance. Wait a minute, PPO is checking the photo validity. If any irregularity is found, you will be asked to repeat your photo by following the comments.
  6. Once the photo is accepted, the tool will make sure to delete any flaws and obtain the appropriate photo. The background will be corrected and the photo will be cropped to the required dimensions.
  7. Download your photo in digital format or notify PPO that you would like to receive your photos at home.

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