We, humans, are the most intelligent and intellectual species on the planet. However, it’s essential to remember that not all humans are the same, and our differences are what make us unique and desirable. For example, some of us are proficient in the art of cooking, while others are incapable of even lighting the stove. However, the same person who is incompetent at cooking can be a masterful painter or expert neurosurgeon.

Discovering our talents and capabilities to become the best version of ourselves takes time and skill refinement. We need guidance from several sources like our teachers, parents, professors, and other people. A mentor is another crucial party that can play a considerable role in shaping your life. This article will discuss their role in detail and help you discover unique ways to connect with one online.

Below we will discuss the advantages you enjoy learning with an online mentor to improve your career or business. After that, we will touch on how to find experienced online mentors and even share four reliable sites that will provide you with the opportunity to work with qualified and experienced professionals to solve all the issues in your career.

Benefits of Working with an Online Mentor

We can’t deny the importance of an inspiring and motivational mentor in our life. However, these benefits get amplified by at least ten times when you do not just find a mentor amongst your acquaintances but seek a consult from an online mentor. Here are five reasons why finding an online mentor is a wiser choice:

Freedom to choose from a significant amount of industry experts

Choosing mentors online allows you to work with successful and qualified experts in any field. Whether you are a student, a professional, or an entrepreneur, you can find talented professionals in your desired area without difficulty.

The option to see specialists in distinct domains

Another benefit is the availability of multiple mentors on the same platform. You can easily consult a different expert if you have trouble connecting with one mentor. You can also work with numerous mentors for your various goals.

Flexibility to schedule mentor sessions according to your convenience

The freedom to select your schedule is an immense advantage of working with an online mentor. You have complete control over how often you want to connect with your mentor. In addition, you can carry these virtual conversations from anywhere.

Reduced prices compared to face-to-face appointments

An online route is a budget-friendly option when comparing the prices of physical and virtual mentor consultation services. You also get access to endless other resources like books and podcasts recommended by your mentor to guide you.

Opportunity to work with mentors from anywhere

When working with online mentors, the world is your oyster. You can hire any qualified expert from any part of the world to guide you in the correct direction with meaningful insights and valuable and accurate information.

How to Find Your Mentor Online?

The internet makes finding an experienced mentor to help your career or business journey easier than you think. Follow the below-mentioned steps to connect with a suitable and well-matched mentor for your online:

Step 1: The first step in finding a mentor to direct and lead you to achieve your goals is determining what help you need. Answering this crucial question will simplify your journey of finding a compatible mentor.

Step 2: Following that, you should start looking for mentors offering guidance to meet your specific requirements. Choose from popular platforms like Boostly to find an expert to meet your unique conditions.

Step 3: If you find an expert meeting your precise demands, join the platform by creating an account or leaving a mentor request. Pay attention to details like service charges, scheduling options, additional resources, etc., offered by the website.

Step 4: Connect with your paired mentor at a convenient schedule to discuss your dreams, goals, and career plan. Then, follow their expert guidance by creating a master plan for attaining success in your professional life.

Four Online Tools to Find Mentors

Now that you have understood the importance of having a mentor in your life and have discussed the various ways they can help you, you might consider finding an online mentor. Here are four reliable online platforms that will connect you with experienced mentors to help you navigate your career and other aspects of your life effortlessly.

1. Boostly

Boostly is one of the leading mentorship platforms in India, helping individuals connect with successful professionals. All the experts on the platform have served in leading global and national giants like Microsoft, Google, Walmart, Facebook, Paytm, and more. In addition, the website caters to university students and people working in IT and trying to navigate their careers.

The one-on-one sessions will help you get answers to all your career-related questions. The experts on the website will guide you to find your dream job, get a promotion, or secure a job abroad. The flexible schedule and customized content are other benefits of seeking mentorship from Boostly.

Boostly will help you determine your goals and match you with a suitable mentor. The platform also offers a free introductory call to help you get acquainted with your mentor. After that, the prices vary based on the rate set by your chosen mentor. The mentors will help you create a roadmap for career goals and help you accomplish them.

2. Mentor Cruise

Mentor Cruise is an online mentorship platform offering guidance and counseling to individual professionals. The website hosts experts across various topics like business, marketing, data, entrepreneurship, designs, and more. The platform offers perfect opportunities for individuals and their mentors to connect through background information, live calls, and immediate support.

In addition to their impressive selection of mentors in varied fields, users can also benefit from the AI-based matching assistant that will pair them with the best-suited mentor. Anyone can register on Mentor Cruise to get expert help in designing an impressive CV or learn tips for nailing an interview.

The platform has a flexible pricing plan, allowing mentors to charge their desired prices for a specified time. New users can also avail a seven-day free trial with every new mentor you connect with, giving you the option to decide whether you like their consultation or not before committing.

3. Clarity

Clarity is another reliable platform that specializes in one-on-one mentorship services. Unlike the above platforms, users get the chance to post their requirements as an ad. It will include your offered rate, ideal call time, and call duration. Any mentor proficient in solving your posted query can respond to your request within 72 hours.

After a mentor accepts your request after reading your requirements, you can jump on a call with them through the conference line. You will get charged at their pre-determined rate. The website hosts numerous business experts and entrepreneurs like Mark Cuban, Kate Kendall, Steven Kronick, Dan Martell, and many more.

Clarity offers a variable pricing system that charges based on the call minutes with its experts. The reviews system helps mentees decide the worthiness of the mentors based on past users’ experiences. It is the ideal platform if you have pinpointed the exact issue on which you need guidance.

4. MentorPass

MentorPass is another popular online platform that caters exclusively to startups. This website will help startup founders to connect with global experts from across the globe to avail their expert guidance. In addition, it addresses the issues founders experience, from raising capital to product pricing, engineering, and marketing.

In addition to mentorship, the platform makes it available for founders and entrepreneurs to avail coaching from experts. They offer a monthly subscription service that gives you credits. You can use them to connect with experienced mentors and determine the frequency of your mentorship sessions. It enables you to form a strong connection with your mentor and benefits from their vast expertise.

The payment plans for MentorPass include three tiers, Solopreneur, Startup, and Scale. The first plan will cost $300 for a monthly subscription with 30 credits. The startup plan gives 60 credits at a monthly cost of $600. The final plan option costs $1200 monthly, offering 120 credits.


We hope this article helped you understand the importance of proper mentorship in our lives. With the guidance of a knowledgeable and qualified expert, you can change the course of your life and embark on a path to achieve your dreams and aspirations. A good mentor will help you determine the best course of action for working towards your life goals. Mentors also offer proper motivation and encouragement when you feel low or demotivated.

This article shares the top four online platforms to help you connect with experienced mentors to help you navigate your career path. These services will connect you with skilled mentors available to cater to your career, business, and educational queries and concerns. We know that you have found the above information highly beneficial and will not hesitate to reach out to a professional mentor using the above platforms.

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