How Extra Torrent Proxy Site Helps to Unblock Geo Restricted Contents

Torrent is one of the techniques for dispensing files through the internet. Today, there are multiple torrent sites available on the internet, making people’s lives more accessible worldwide to download things with no restrictions.

If you open a torrent website, it gives you multiple options to choose from, and it becomes complicated for you to opt which torrent site is trustworthy and genuine. In this case of confusion, Extra Torrent is the website option you must look for.

In the year 2006, this Torrent site made its launch. It gained people’s popularity and marketability amidst users who were craze downloading the files and various games via the internet. Extra Torrent website is one of the most popular and trustworthy sites which fulfills and satisfies you serving the latest TV contents, songs, movies, and series. This sharing of files takes place through the “Peer to Peer” (P2P) sharing out method.

Extra Torrent websites benefit you with their best and advanced functionality, which won’t stop searching for anything without any issues. Among the years, it can serve the people with the best. It helps the users to access the original site through the liberal sites. Gone were the days when torrent sites were entirely down and accessing movies was possible only through VPN or proxy.

How Extra Torrent Proxy Site Helps to Unblock Geo Restricted Contents

Certain websites are restricted to your region. In this case, Extra Torrent helps you to unblock the website for which you are looking for. Extra Torrent works as the bridge between your connection and the dominion website you want to access.

For example, if you open one of the URL’s in your browser, the proxy server forwards the internet traffic from your browser before it outstretched the domain website.

Sometimes, there is a possibility where you need to do some extra prompts to be able to unblock Extra torrents websites. In such a case, follow this simple technique below:

  • Download and install TOR browser: It helps the user to access browsing anonymously with the private network.
  • Use a reputable VPN: To ensure your connection is secure while surfing the various proxy websites, use VPN to surf securely by not getting tracked.
  • DNS Servers: If your Extra Torrent is not working, that is probably due to your local DNS is blocking it. This issue is solved by restoring your old DNS address with a public DNS address.

How to access Extra Torrent websites

Act as a mediator

Extra Torrent proxy server acts as an intermediate by requesting assistance from other websites. If you are using an Extra Torrent proxy server, it will be viewable for the users to connect to the proxy server. Still, it is impossible to access whether Extra Torrent is the one that is transferring the data to you from the proxy server or not.

Install Tor browser

You may also download and use the Tor browser. This helps you to browse the official sites without being chased. It also hides your IP address by allowing and gets an accessible IP address.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Though VPN costs some price to offers you its benefits, make use of these features thoroughly. But make sure before you purchasing the service to observe its reputation service to use Extra Torrent proxy. Through VPN, you may stay anonymous in all the proxy sites while sending and receiving the data.

Ways how Extra Torrent works

Everybody has access to use the internet but at a specific limit. Using this Extra Torrent, you get access to millions of accessible kinds of stuff through the official websites.

YIFY or YTS sites

There are other alternatives of Extra Torrents, such as YIFY or YTS. This website is the most legitimate, which offers all the latest TV shows, series, and music. This website has various official names, but recently it is named under YTS.a.m.

Other extra alternative sites

The lists of Extra Torrent websites go on, like, Demonoid, Zoogle, Kickass, Toorgle, Torrent funk, Monova, Sky torrent, Torrent galaxy, The Pirate Bay, etc

Various Extratorrent proxy sites

Some of the Extra Torrent proxy websites are


1337x is the biggest movie hub preferred not only for watching movies but also all the TV series and games. Through Bit Torrent protocol, the file-sharing takes place from the torrent files directory. It is one of the best alternatives sites of Extra Torrents.


This RARBG site was produced in the year 2010. But still, some countries are blocked from accessing this website. Such as United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, etc.… this RARBG is also another best alternative to Extra Torrent websites. It has the facility of downloading movies online, collections of games, music, and whatnot.


LimeTorrents is another alternative to ExtraTorrent, which has an excellent and smoother experience serving its users with movies, games, and music. It is the most considered option of ExtraTorrent alternatives.

Express VPN

This Express VPN network offers access to music, social media surfing, and watching videos, etc. It even finds out unblocked Extra Torrent website.


Therefore, now you are well aware of the efficient Extra torrent websites and also their alternatives. You got a bunch of choices in your hands where to access the content you are looking for. But at times, make sure to use a good and genuine VPN because it is known for maintaining the user’s privacy and to serve security.

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