How to convert pdf to word file? PDF is a document format that is easy to save, circulate, and print, but it does not use editing, so we often use online editors to convert; this article shares 5 PDFs to Word for users free website that will help you.

5 Free PDF to Word Online Sites

The five free PFD to Word Converter Tools is listed in this article.

I Love PDF

I Love PDF is a free and easy-to-use PDF online tool; it supports PDF merging, splitting, compression, and format conversion and unlocking PDF and adding watermark, it only takes a few seconds to complete the conversion, and the effect is very good.

Whether it is text or tables, there is no typesetting confusion and missing content. But it only supports free conversion of files below 15M, but it is also entirely enough. Besides the online website, it also has Windows, Android, and iOS apps.

PDF Candy – PDF to Word

PDF Candy can convert PDF to files in more than 20 formats. In addition, PDF Candy provides 47 online tools to work with PDFs, including editing, to split, merging, compressing, and more.

PDF Candy’s PDF to Word function is not only fast but also very effective and supports setting it as a Google plug-in, which is convenient for users to open in the future. The only fly in the ointment is that although the website generates free to use, it can only provide visitors with the opportunity to download once an hour, which is not entirely free.


ALL TO ALL is free, fast, and safe software without downloading any software. It claims to be the complete online file conversion platform. Unfortunately, the website does not support English for the time being. As for why it is free, the author also explained. This platform is indeed generated using the Takeoff page website building platform. Yes, it only took 5 days. So it’s free.

It has many functions and is very powerful, and it supports PDF to Word, e-books, pictures, and other formats. It supports dozens of video formats, such as MP4, OGG, and WMV, various audio formats, such as MP3, FLAC, WMA, and many image formats, such as JPG, PNG, and PSD, and supports dozens of formats. , e-book, compressed file format conversion.

A total of more than 200 file formats are supported, but the maximum file size is 20M. It supports single-file conversion and batch conversion. The conversion speed is breakneck, and the effect is excellent. Whether it is text or tables, there is no typographical clutter and accurate content.


PDFPAI has dozens of powerful online tools, PDF to Word unlimited times can be used forever. It supports converting PDF into OFFICE, work, e-book, picture, and other formats. It also supports converting Office work and e-book pictures into PDF format; its conversion speed is relatively fast, and it can easily convert standard documents.

The effect is perfect, and the layout format is elegant, such as e-books and contract documents. However, it has a poor conversion effect for some documents that are not very standardized, and there are always too many or too few differences in typesetting.

In addition to PDF format conversion, it has PDF-related tools such as PDF unlocking, encryption, compression, watermarks, and extracting pictures. At the same time, it also supports mutual conversion between multiple picture formats.

In addition to the online website, it also has desktop software, but the limitations of desktop software are relatively large. For example, the free version can only convert three PDF pages, but the web version does not have these restrictions, so it is better to use the web version.

AbcdPDF – Convert PDF to Word

AbcdPDF is a platform dedicated to solving PDF problems for the world. The PDF to Word tool in the tool aggregation page can substantially solve the problem of users converting PDF to DOC format. Compared with PDF candy, its processing speed is not so fast, but one thing is far better than PDF candy, which is entirely free to use, even without login and registration.

Currently, many online tool websites on the market claim that their products can achieve 100% accuracy, which is entirely impossible. Even the best online conversion tools want to convert PDF to Word with only 70% accuracy at most. Unfortunately, very few online converters and conversion software on the market can reach more than 70%, like Convert PDF to Word.

AbcdPDF PDF to Word can achieve such accuracy due to the unique algorithm processing, which involves some particularities of the PDF format.

Before the tool converts these objects, it will identify and mark the code blocks of these objects, in turn, to ensure that the conversion result of each format will not deviate from the frame of the original thing. Therefore, PDF to Word is very effective in converting standard text and can perfectly convert some complex PDF files. If you want to find a universal conversion website, AbcdPDF will make you satisfied.


How to convert pdf to word file? The above introduces 5 pdf to word websites for you; they are all free PDF to Word converter websites that can be used by opening a webpage without registering, logging in, and filling out forms. Collecting them will help you convert PDF file formats efficiently, safely, and accurately.