Note-taking is an essential part of almost all works. There are several popular note-making applications available such as Evernote, Notion, etc., with more features. Those applications are helpful for all types of activities in which we can keep a record of our important notes for any future reference which inturns increases productivity.

Here we are looking for something different. In this article, we are looking for some basic note-taking web application which is helpful for the day to day online activities.

In many cases, while browsing online, we may take some quick notes for some references. Some people use physical notepads to take them down, whereas some will search for some free online notepads for the purpose.

Now, we will list a few simple notes-taking web apps that are free.

Rapidtables Notepad

Rapidtables Notepad is the most used free Notepad for quick note-taking while browsing. It offers a simple notebook-like interface in which you can type your text. It also provides some features, and you can download the note on your device as a text file.


aNotepad is also another great tool that offers basic note-taking features. You can add multiple notes and can edit them at any time. It also provides edit, delete features for the created personal notes. If you want to access the note from a different machine, you can create a free account.

Online Notepad by is a simple and user-friendly notepad to create quick notes. This is one of the most used online text editors because of its simplicity and extra features. not only offer the text editor but the users can check plagiarism, word count, as well as paraphrased the written content on the same website.

Just Notepad

Just Notepad is also another tool that offers similar note-taking features, and you can quickly create notes using this application. It is also free to use.

ToolSwift Notepad

ToolSwift Notepad is a new tool that too offers a free note-taking feature. It provides the basic note-taking option. The app will save the text you entered in the Notepad in the browser cookie, and you can view, edit or delete it at any time.

Since the content gets automatically stored in the browser cookie, there is no need to worry about the accidental browser close.

Guinbox Note

Guinbox Note is also another tool for quick note-taking. It also offers free, and you can note down important information while browsing the internet. However, the application interface is not simple, and you may sometimes find it a bit difficult to see the color pattern.

We listed only some of the commonly used note-taking tools here; however, several note-taking applications are available, and almost all offer basic note-taking options.

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