For any online business to succeed, there are a few basic requirements. This list includes everything from good quality products and services to affordable price points effective marketing. One of the essential components that will help you connect with your website visitors and convert them into long-lasting customers is the content on your website.

Irrespective of how good products or services are, you will fail to attract your target customer if your content is not engaging. But creating captivating content is a more time-consuming and tedious process than anyone would like to admit. From finding exciting topics of optimized keywords, there is so much you need to keep in mind when developing great articles for your website.

So what to do now? Well, worry not, as we introduce you to the ultimate tool that will help you in every step of designing the best content for your online business. In this article, we review the all-inclusive content creation tool, Blogely. So keep reading to know everything about this tool and determine why you need this tool in your life.

What is Blogely?

Blogely is the ultimate content creation tool for research, planning, writing, editing, optimization, and publishing. With Blogely, you can use this multi-tasking tool to create content that will impress your readers while saving time. Blogely is the perfect solution for writers, freelancers, authors, marketing agencies, website managers, business owners, and publishers.

With advanced features like AI assistance, full blog sync, quick SEO optimization, nothing can stop you from creating content that your readers will love. In addition, with tools like an editorial calendar, files organization, and simple imports and experts, you can create unique content without losing your productivity or concentration.

Features of Blogely

Now that we have covered what Blogely is, it is time to learn what features the tool offers and how they make your content creation process easy and quick. Here are the top features of Blogely that make it essential for any online content creator:

Write efficiently using this writing app with outlines and asset libraries

Now write better and faster with the outline blocks of Blogely. The resourceful interface offers all the tools required to create high-quality content in less time.

Always stay organized with separate folders for files, images, documents

Stay organized by keeping your research files and notes, and other assets in separate folders. Create varied categories for different files like images, documents, tables, etc.

Sync all the articles on your blog for edits, revisions, and optimization

Now you can sync all the existing articles on your blog to Blogely with seconds. Then, make edits, revisions, and optimization to improve their score and upload them back to the blog just as effortlessly.

The SEO optimization shares your performance with a simple report

You will receive a report showing the performance of your article. Now you can edit and manage your focus keywords to achieve a higher SEO score and rank higher on search engines.

Store and manage all your assets in an inclusive library with a tag option

The asset library allows you to store all your essential resources categorically. Along with a different folder for each folder, you can also tag various assets, making it easier to find them in the future.

Now maintain your affiliate marketing from one place for all merchants

With Blogely, your affiliate marketing just got more accessible and more manageable. Store data about your merchants, links, and products under one roof and use them in your articles.

Track your history with the choice to restore changes with a single click

Blogely keeps a record of all the changes you make to your content. All your new additions and edits get stored under history, and you have the option to restore them any time you want.

Get the best keywords with high SEO scores using the SEO Heatmaps

Thanks to the SEO heatmaps, finding the best keywords for your articles is an easy job. First, discover the best unique keywords and obtain a complete report on each keyword.

The plagiarism scanner integrates with CopyLeaks to scan your article

Create plagiarism-free content and original content to impress your readers with Blogely. The integration with CopyLeaks offers you a plagiarism report for all your articles.

Directly publish your articles to any website without logging into the website

With Blogely, you can publish your articles to any internet website directly from the dashboard. No login requirements make it easy for you to distribute content in no time.

Effectively manage your workflow with an organized editorial calendar

You can keep better track of your articles, due dates, publications, and more with the editorial calendar. Easily manage your workflow and stay organized and productive with Blogely.

Get quick feedback from your team and clients by sharing any content

Blogely gives you the freedom to share your articles with your team or client for feedback. You can even add a passcode to your articles to protect them from access by any unwanted party.

Insert suitable pictures, GIFs, and tables into your articles with Blogely

With Blogely, making your content exciting and funny is made possible with an option to add images from Pixabay and GIFs from Giphy. You can also include informative tables to support your content.

Backup any content with a single click or activate the auto-backup

Ensure that your data and articles stay backed up and updated with the auto backup feature. You can also save your progress by manually saving any progress with just one click.

Enjoy the HTML code supported on all browsers with a Chrome web extension

You can now enjoy unrestricted HTML features on all browsers with Blogely. The tool also has a Chrome extension that collects and saves all your data like documents, links, notes, and more.

Allow your readers to share your articles with a built-in Share feature

You can enable your readers to share your content and receive high exposure on social media. Blogely lets you add reader sharing with its built-in feature allows quick article sharing.

Different Ways to Use Blogely For Creating Great Content

Now that we have understood what Blogely is and the top features of this multi-tasking tool, it is time to learn the different ways you can use it. Here are the top five ways of using Blogely to create and promote engaging and attractive articles:

Research the topic and find perfect keywords

For creating the perfect content, you need essential data like keywords, formats, references. With Blogely, you can research all these for your articles and save them directly to your assets library.

Develop an excellent outline for your content

After gathering the necessary information, organize it effectively to develop the outline for your article. Again, the split-screen flexibility gives you the option to conceptualize how your content will look beforehand.

Write and edit to create an engaging article

Next, write your article with AI assistance for generating higher-quality content. Finally, make edits to your content when required and stay organized with asset management that facilitates easy access to data.

Optimize the content to rank high on search engines

After creating great content, optimize it to rank higher in search engine result pages and get high traffic. Enjoy integrating SEO tools like Yoast SEO and RankMath in finding targeted keywords.

Publish your articles and effectively promote them

Once you have written, edited, and optimized your articles, publish them on any online website of your choice, including WordPress. Again, save time as you can share your content without the manual login requirement.

Price For Multiple Blogely Plans

Anyone desirous of buying Blogely can choose between four plan alternatives, including a free plan and three paid options.

  • With the Basic plan, you get one content portfolio and free portfolio hosting with unlimited articles with a 15% sales commission.
  • The first paid plan is Starter and is available for $29 per month. This plan includes two content portfolios and one website with advanced features like SEO optimization, keyword analysis, etc.
  • The second paid plan costs $49 monthly and offers four content portfolios. SEO heatmaps, AI assistance, workflow management, and affiliate marketing are some of the highlights of this Blogely plan.
  • The final plan required you to pay $99 per month and offers all the features suggested by Blogely with ten content portfolios and twenty associated websites, making this the best choice for agencies and marketers.
  • You can also purchase additional team seats to combine with your current plan at either $12 or $16 per month. Each seat comes with extra perks like added workspace and websites.


We hope this review shared everything worth knowing about Blogely, the ultimate content creation tool. If you are looking for a comprehensive tool to include everything from researching to writing, optimizing, and sharing your content with others, you should check out Blogely. With advanced features like AI-driven assistance, quick SEO optimization, and organization, nothing can stop you from creating engaging content.

With Blogely, you can enjoy unlimited features that allow automatic backing up, adding GIFs and tables, and quick import and export options. When using this all-in-one inclusive tool, you can create the best content for your website or blog without worrying about anything. Blogely is perfect for everyone from website and business owners, writers, freelancers, publishers, marketing agencies, and online content creators.

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