We often communicate and operate using virtual data files of various formats when working online. When it comes to data sharing within any organization or company, we often rely on document types such as PDF, TXT, XML, Word, and similar formats. However, when you use these documents interchangeably, you might have observed the need to convert these files into other formats than their original form for various reasons.

You might feel the need to convert files from one setup to another to enhance their presentation or even edit them easily. However, you might have noticed that this conversion process is not easy and quick, sometimes forcing you to rely on the copy-pasting method that can be time-consuming. But today, we have a simple and effective solution for this problem.

This article will share five online tools to help you convert your PDF files to Word documents. But before we share the best five apps available to you, let’s discuss why converting your PDF into a Word document is advantageous.

What is the Benefit of Converting a PDF File into a Word Document?

Anyone working with PDF files understands the difficulty in editing PDF files. Due to their fixed setup, these files are hard to edit and take time and conversion into a new format for editing even one letter.

On the other hand, Word documents are easy to create and edit without an internet connection. So converting your PDF files into a Word document is the quickest and easy way to edit your PDF data. When you convert any PDF into a Word document, you can add, resize, edit and delete the images present in the original file. After making all the desired changes, you can save this document in PDF format by choosing the file type .pdf.

Top Five Tools to Convert PDF to Word Documents

Now that you have understood the different situations where converting your PDF file to a Word document can benefit you, it’s time to share the top five tools to help you achieve this feat. Here are the best PDF converter tools available online.

1. Nitro PDF to Word Converter

Nitro PDF to Word Converter is another PDF converter on our list of the best tools for converting your PDF files. With this format converter tool, you can change any PDF file into a Word document, along with other Microsoft formats like Excel and PowerPoint. In addition to uploading your data files, you can also convert your email attachments while maintaining their high quality with just one click. All the converted files get sent to you via your provided email address.

Nitro PDF to Word Converter is a paid PDF converter tool, and its lifetime subscription for Windows computers will cost you $179.99 and $129.95 for a Mac desktop. You can also try this tool for free, with their 14-day free trial. With this tool, you can access other essential features to create, edit, and convert your PDF files.

2. PDF to Words

Another quick and efficient tool to convert all your PDF files into Word documents is PDF to Words. First, upload the portable document format file you want to convert using PDF to Words. Depending on your requirement, you can add one or multiple files at once. Once all your files get uploaded, the conversion process will begin immediately. After a new Word document with the same content gets generated, you will get the prompt to download the file to your device.

PDF to Words is a PDF conversion tool available on both computer and mobile devices. Using PDF to Words, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your data, as all the files you upload to the server are SSL encrypted. In addition, there are no registration or signup requirements and unlimited conversion from PDF to Word documents.

3. IlovePDF

The first PDF converter tool on our list of top tools for converting your PDF files to Word documents is IlovePDF. With this online tool, you have the option to submit your files by uploading them from your device or sharing files from your Google Drive or Dropbox. After uploading your desired PDF file, IlovePDF will convert your file and make it available for download to your mobile or desktop device.

IlovePDF is a paid PDF converter tool that you can also use for free for converting PDF files into different formats. However, using the free version, you will not be avail OCR and achieve high clarity and recognition in your documents. The premium plan is available at ₹200/ month and bills annually. This tool also offers WordPress plugins, team creation, and more.

4. PDF Element

PDF Element is the final tool on our list of the best PDF converter tools available online. With this tool, you can regenerate your PDF files in multiple format documents using three quick methods. First, go to PDF Element’s dashboard, choose the desired file and convert it to a Word document. Alternatively, you can use the Convert PDF tab and select any file of your choice. Lastly, you can also right-click on your PDF file and get guided to PDF Element’s dashboard.

PDF element is a paid online PDF conversion tool that enables you to convert PDF files into Word or other Microsoft Office formats. The yearly plan for a desktop device will cost you $79.99 or $59 for the premium and standard options. You can also use this tool on any Android or iOS device by downloading the mobile apps.


Another quick online converter tool for your PDF files into Word documents is the PDFtoDOC that lets you convert up to 20 PDF files into word documents in one go. To get started, go to the website and upload all the PDF files you want to convert, and the files will begin to regenerate once the uploading process gets completed. You can download these files individually or together in a compressed zip file.

You can use this portable document format converter solution on computers and smartphones. Anyone can use this conversion service free of cost. PDFtoDOC helps you convert documents into over 30 languages, including Dutch, Spanish, Hindi, Italian, Portuguese, and more. All the files you upload to this server will get deleted after an hour of their conversion, saving you the worry about their theft.


This article shares the top tools to convert your PDF files into Word documents quickly. Using any of these smart apps, you will no longer have difficulty converting your portable document format files to Word.

All the tools mentioned in our list are among the best and have minimum requirements to offer you a simple and easy solution.

So the next time you need to edit any PDF file, you can download PDF to Words, Nitro PDF to Word Converter, or any other tool mentioned on our list and get started in minutes. We hope that you found these PDF converter tool suggestions helpful and make use of these the next time you need to edit or convert any PDF.