The article explains how TikTok accounts can be hacked using various spying tools, primarily intended for parents to monitor their children’s activities. It emphasizes the importance of using strong passwords to protect accounts and clarifies that the information is for educational purposes only, not to encourage hacking.

Many users are wondering how to hack a TikTok account. Like Instagram, now more and more people are part of the short video social media platform, and thus TikTok gained its high popularity in a limited time. So, rather than explaining the features or highlights of TikTok, we are here looking at how to hack a TikTok account or just questioning whether we can hack a TikTok account.

The answer also has two sides. We can hack the TikTok account; on the other side, we cannot. So, let’s see in detail what we mean by both. Before proceeding further, we would like to tell you that we never encourage hacking or spying on other’s accounts. Spying on other accounts is not encouraged, and the article is purely meant for an informational purpose.

How do you hack a TikTok account using hacking tools?

If you search for any TikTok hacking tool over the internet, you will get many web-based and downloadable hacking tools that claim to unlock the TikTok account and password within a few seconds. But it is not true. No third-party software can unlock the TikTok password by entering only the TikTok username. So, instead, they use some password unlock algorithm in which the application tries to log in to the TikTok account using random passwords.

If the targeted TikTok username’s passwords were simple, for example, the username itself, the tool could unlock the TikTok account. That was the logic applied in most of the password-unlocking tools. So, you can hack some TikTok accounts where the password is weak. But if the password of the TikTok account is strong enough, it won’t be easy for any tool to decode it quickly; however, without accessing the TikTok account, some tools help you to get other’s TikTok videos for free.

So, we can say that it can work only for a few accounts if you try to unlock or hack any TikTok account using any hacking tool. So, it is clear that hacking is impossible simply by entering the username on any third-party website or software for any real or popular account.

Working Way to Hack TikTok Account

If you want to hack a TikTok account, you need to know the following things. First, the publicly available working way to hack any TikTok account is by using some Spying tools. There are some spying tools available to monitor the TikTok account. The primary use of these hacking tools is for parents to monitor their kids’ TikTok usage. Some parents watch their kids’ online activities, mainly on social media, including TikTok. And there, the spying tool comes into action.

However, it must also be noted that any spying tool needs at least one-time access to the target user’s phone. Then, you can install the spying tool on the kid’s mobile, and after that, parents can monitor the activity from the desktop, laptop, or any other device. For example, if you wish to monitor any TikTok account, you can use the spying tool.ย Unfortunately, spying tools are paid software, and you won’t find any free software that works well.

TikTok Like, Spam Apps

TikTok was popular and introduced the community’s short video concept. As popularity increased, the number of people joining the platform also increased. But, along with that, the threat and the hacking also increased. And that is the only reason we see similar video-sharing platforms appearing in the market.

Out of them, most of them and genuine, and some are considered as the best alternatives for the TikTok app, however, we can see some spamming apps that look like TikTok also appeared. Some apps are developed to collect only user data, which can harm you. Those apps may not be found in the Play Store and App Store. So avoid using such apps found outside the Play Store and App Store.

How to Prevent Hacking of Tiktok Account?

As said before, hacking tools try to decode passwords using algorithms. So, if you put some simple passwords for your TikTok account, the chances of getting hacked are higher. So, always use strong passwords. The following are a few suggestions for keeping the TikTok password strong.

  • Never use your name as the password.
  • The username and password should not be identical.
  • Always use lengthy passwords.
  • Use a combination of numbers, capital letters, small letters, and special characters in the password.
  • Do not use a sequential number or characters as passwords, e.g., 12345678.

So, by keeping this recommended password suggestion, we can keep the TikTok account safe and prevent hacking the TikTok profile.

Can a TikTok Hacker Unlock my TikTok Account Password?

As mentioned above, there are regular users, and TikTok hackers try to access other TikTok accounts for fun and unauthorized use. So, we can’t say that hacking is an impossible thing. However, a TikTok account can never be hacked. The best we can do as users is to secure the account using full security measures like complex passwords, two-factor authentication, etc. Thus, we can secure the account from the TikTok hacker.

What do you do next if TikTok is hacked by someone?

Suppose you found someone and your TikTok is hacked; you must safeguard your TikTok account. The next important thing to do is change the password and sign out from all the signed devices. Also, make sure to enable two-factor authentication. Now, change the TikTok password to a unique and complex one. Never use any previously used passwords (Other account or TikTok passwords). Instead, use any password manager or generator to create a strong password.

Is there any tool available to Stop and Track TikTok Hacking?

Several software and tools, including TikTok, are available to track and monitor social media accounts. However, if you are concerned about privacy, we always recommend not using any third-party service or tools. Always follow TikTok’s official methods and tools to safeguard the account. Enable two-factor authentication for your TikTok account to double the security and prevent TikTok Hacking.

How Often i need to change the TikTok password?

There is no specific time frame that determines the actual time interval. However, updating or resetting the password at least once every 4 to 6 months is better. It is more secure if you can change the TikTok password every month or every week. However, changing passwords too frequently is not easy and practical. If you find any suspicious activity with your account, changing the password immediately without further thought is better.

Is it legal to Hack Someone’s TikTok Account?

Sometimes, people monitor other TikTok accounts, e.g., parents monitor their kids’ accounts. Those are privacy concerns, however, not intended to harm anyone. However, some used to hack others’ accounts for purely illegal activities and against privacy. For example, TikTok hacking is acceptable for educational and research purposes. However, any other hacking against the terms and the ethics is illegal.

Is there any website offering Tiktok Hack?

If you search online for a TikTok hack, you may find several websites claiming they offer TikTok hack and hacking tools. But the fact is that none of such tools work, so please remember not to pay for such a service. However, some spying and TikTok monitoring tools can be used to monitor other’s TikTok accounts.

For example, some TikTok spying tools can be installed on kid’s phones by parents to monitor the online activity of their kind. You need access to their phone to install the spying software for this to work. But, simply monitoring or hacking anyone’s account remotely using any hacking tool is not possible.

Can Anyone access my TikTok Profile if they know my TikTok username?

TikTok username is publicly available, and anyone can see it. However, no one can access your TikTok account only using the username. On the other hand, if someone gets your password, they can access your TikTok profile with your username and your TikTok password. So, as said before, always use strong and secure passwords for your TikTok account and try to change the password occasionally.

What are the Common TikTok Hacking Methods Hackers Follow

TikTok Hacking is done in different ways and methods. The most common methods are Deleting the TikTok Video of a Target user and adding unauthorized and unfair videos to the TikTok users’ profiles, making Private TikTok Videos into Public TokTok Videos, etc.

How TikTok Hackers Delete, Add, and Change the TikTok Video Status for a Target TikTok User?

Here, the hacker targets a particular TikTok user and collects their data, including email, phone number, etc. Then, they create malicious codes to access the user’s TikTok account.

Then, they sent an SMS to the target TikTok user’s mobile number with links to malicious websites. Once the user receives the SMS, they might click on the link thinking it is some real SMS. However, once clicked on the link within the SMS, it will give authorization from the user to make necessary changes to the TikTok account.

So, once the link is clicked, the TikTok hacker can delete the user’s TikTok video. Then, they can upload a new video to the user’s profile. And they can even change the status of any private TikTok video to a public video, etc.

So, always beware of these TikTok tricks and traps. For example, never click on suspicious links and provide personal data to unnecessary third-party websites.

How to Hack Someone Tiktok Unknowingly?

Recently, we have seen hackers trying a new method of TikTok account hacking. So, you should be aware of such things and act accordingly if you face such an incident. Following are the steps hackers take to gain access to social media accounts like TikTok.

Firstly, the hacker tries to contact the target user by another social media account.

Once they establish the contact, they will chat with the target user. During that conversation, they tried to reset the user’s TikTok account in their system.

At the same time, an SMS with a link will be sent to the user’s mobile number. Instantly, the hacker will ask the user to share a screenshot of that particular SMS. Some users unknowingly share that link with the user.

Once the hacker gets the screenshot, they will use the link shown on the screenshot to reset the password of that user’s account.

Within a few seconds, the hacker can access the account and do whatever they wish.

So, never send any information to an unknown person to keep your TikTok account safe and secure so that you won’t have to tell someone that your TikTok was hacked by a stranger.

Does Hackerone Hacks TikTok Account?

No, Hacker One is not a TikTok hacking service. Instead, they offer security services to identify the threat and other bugs related to your TikTok account, thereby helping you understand the risk of getting your TikTok account hacked by other hackers. In addition, they use ethical ways to identify the flaws, and you can avoid the potential TikTok hacking by other hackers.

How to Hack a TikTok account? TikTok account hacker Apps

A couple of TikTok apps are available that can legitimately be used to monitor other TikTok accounts. The application is widely used as a parental control app to view others’ TikTok accounts, especially kids’. The following are some selected TikTok trackers and spy applications that are available now.

1. TikTok Viewer

TikTok viewer app is a powerful TikTok viewer application that allows users to view all the TikTok activities of an account. This app is powerful enough to see another TikTok account like yours. The TikTok viewer lets you see a private TikTok account and watch the videos in real time. Moreover, a TikTok viewer can monitor your Kid’s TikTok activity if you wish to limit them.