Smartphone and network-related issues are common nowadays as people use smartphones for all communications. So, different issues happen all the time. One such common issue happening to the users is the Network Locked SIM Card Inserted error on the screen, and your SIM won’t get registered to the network.

In this article, we will see why the Network Locked SIM Card Inserted error is showing on the screen and how we can solve the Locked SIM Card issue.

Network Locked SIM Card

Why Network Locked SIM Card Inserted Showing

The network locked SIM card inserted error can happen due to multiple reasons. Some common reasons are as follows.

Network Lock & Regional Lock

Some SIM providers put some restrictions on the SIM card, where the user is not able to use the SIM card on another device. Similarly, sometimes the SIM card will only work in a particular region; if the user tries to use the SIM card in another region, the SIM card might get locked and eventually see the Network Locked SIM Card Inserted issue.

System Error

SIM Card may get damaged due to a system error also. In some cases, the device itself can cause an issue and may result in an issue like this. In some rare cases, the SIM data may get corrupted and show network-related problems due to the firmware or device hardware issue.

How to Fix Network Locked SIM Card Problem

There are several ways to fix the Network locked SIM card issue, including the following.


As mentioned in all the troubleshooting tutorials, the first and foremost step to fixing any smartphone-related issues is to restart the device. Turn off and On your device and check whether the issue is resolved or not. If the issue is due to some minor software glitch, it might get resolved with the restart.

Update to Latest Firmware

After the above step, check whether you have any pending system updates on your phone. In some cases, the issue may happen due to outdated firmware. In that case, update your phone to the latest firmware, if any are pending. After that, restart the device and check whether the issue was resolved.

Contact Service Provider

If the above method doesn’t help, you can proceed with the other option. In this case, you can contact the SIM service provider and inform them about the Network Locked SIM Card Inserted error on the screen. Here, they will provide you with the SIM unlock code.

You need to restart the device after getting the code. After boot up, the device will ask you to enter the code. Then you need to enter the SIM unlock code you have received from the service provider. The issue will probably get resolved, and your SIM will work.

Reset the Device

If the above issue also fails, try resetting your handset as a part of the debugging process. Make sure to backup all the data on your phone before proceeding with the backup. If everything works well, your SIM issue will get resolved, and you can restore all the data on your phone from the previously kept backup.

Flash System Firmware

In some cases, if the issue is happening due to the corrupted firmware on your phone, it might also be challenging to format the device. This is a rare case, and it won’t always happen. If that is the case, you need to reflash the device with some flashing tool. If you are not an expert in mobile ROM flashing, you need to consult an expert in phone repairing.

Duplicate SIM Card

If your device is working fine and the issue is with the SIM card, then the final step is to take the duplicate SIM card of your mobile number. You need to contact the retailer or the service provider and collect the duplicate SIM. Once activated, the Network Locked SIM Card Inserted error won’t appear again.