Netflix error AVF 11839 is one strange error that appears in some cases. While you start streaming your favorite content on Netflix, you see a screen with an Error, Cannot play title. Please try again later. (AVF:11839;CM12913;) the message, then you might think that something happened to the Netflix account. That is not the case; the AVF:11839 error is one common error that most iPhone and iPad users face while watching Netflix content.

In this article, we will explain why Netflix cannot play titles and check the NetFlix’s AVF 11839 cm 12913 error and how we can fix the Netflix Cannot Play Title AVF:11839;CM12913; error and continue watching Netflix movies and series without any issues on iPad, iPhone, etc.

Netflix AVF11839 CM12913 Error

What is Netflix Cannot Play Title ‘AVF:11839;CM12913’ Error?


Netflix AVF:11839; CM12913 error, or commonly NetFlix CM error, is an issue that commonly happens on iPhone and iPad devices while streaming content. The app will typically work in which you can log in, search titles, etc. But once you start playing any content, soon after seeing the Netflix intro logo, a popup with Error Code AVF:11839;CM12913 will show on the screen, and the playback will stop.

The issue wonโ€™t get fixed even after you try to play them repeatedly. So, we will check how to fix the Netflix Error code AVF:11839 and resume the Netflix playback on iPhone and iPad.

How to Fix AVF:11839;CM12913 Netflix Error?

The AVF:11839; CM12913 error on Netflix is not a major issue and can be fixed easily; no need to worry. We can fix the avf11839 or the Netflix error cm 12913 in simple steps.

1. Restart the iPad or iPhone

In most cases, the Netflix AVF 11839; a simple restart can fix CM12913 error. Restart your iPhone or iPad, and then try playing the video on NetFlix. The issue will be resolved. The problem happens due to some caching issue with the playback and will get cleared by the restart. As we know, iPhones and iPads donโ€™t allow clearing the cache without deleting the app; the issue with NertFlix playback can be fixed only by restarting the device.

2. Reinstalling the Netflix App

Since restarting fixes the issue in almost all the cases, there is no need to follow additional steps to fix the AVF:11839;CM12913 Error on NetFlix. However, if that doesnโ€™t help you, then the best option is to delete the NetFlix app on your iPhone or iPad and reinstall that. Once you log in to the app, the playback on NetFlix will be smooth, and you won’t see the error code again.

3. Update the NetFlix App on your iPad

Always use the latest version of the NetFlix app on your iPad. If the app is not updated automatically, go to the App Store and search for it. You can also update the app manually from the App Store itself.

Does the Netflix error AVF 11839 Happen After the Update

We noticed that Netflix error AVF 11839 occurs only in rare cases. Even after the iPadOS update and the Netflix app update, we never faced the same issue. So, we can say that Netflix error AVF 11839 won’t always happen, and the chances of occurrence repeatedly are very low.

Does watching NetFlix on Safari Browser on an iPad create an AVF:11839 error?

No, the AVF:11839 error on NetFlix is an app-based issue, and to fix it, you need to restart the device or reinstall the app. It is not a browser-based issue. If you watch NetFlix via Safari browser on iPad, you won’t see the AVF:11839 error, commonly called the Netflix CM error.

Update Your iPad

If your iPad is not updated with the latest update, like the security update or minor patches, make sure to update the device. Sometimes, the latest update includes a bug fix for video playback and related issues, which the update might fix the AVF 11839 CM 12913 error. So, make sure to keep the iPad updated.