Following other major telecom companies in India, Tata Docomo also implemented minimum recharge compulsory for all its prepaid customers. Though the telecom company is on its way to Merge with Airtel, but now, they also going to implement the mandatory minimum recharge as did by Airtel, Vodafone and Idea.

From now all the prepaid subscribers of Tata Docomo needs to do regular recharge every 28 days to keep their service active. As like Airtel, the company introduced the least minimum recharge pack of Rs. 23 which is much affordable when compared to others.

Tata Docomo Minimum Recharge

Even if your Tata Docomo prepaid sim have lifetime validity, it will not work as like before now. From now onwards, each user must recharge their SIM card for Rs. 23 or above.

What happen if no recharge is made ?

Now, while checking the balance, you will get a message saying that, your Outgoing validity will end on a particular date. You have to do recharge before that date. If no recharge was done before that date, then the outgoing call service will be stopped. Since the company already implemented the rule, some users outgoing has been already stopped as like Idea, Vodafone and Airtel.

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Then for the next 15 day, subscribers will get incoming calls, where the outgoing will not work. If no recharge was made on those 15 days, incoming call service also will be blocked. All the services will be restored as soon as the user makes the recharge.

What happen if i have balance in my account ?

If your number have a talktime balance of Rs 23 or more in the main account, then on the validity ending day, Rs. 23 will be automatically deducted from your account and the validity will be extended to 28 days.

List of Minimum Recharge Pack Available with Tata Docomo

As like Airtel, Tata Docomo is also offering the least pack of Rs. 23 to keep your number active, where as Idea and Vodafone pack starts from Rs. 35. Let us check the available Pack in Tata Docomo which comes under Rs. 100.

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Tata Docomo Rs. 23 Prepaid Pack

This is the most cheapest plan from Tata Docomo. This plan is mainly targeted for those who keeps their number without making much outgoing calls. This plan gives 28 days validity only and the plan will not give any talktime. If you need to make calls, then additional topup needs to be done. Call charge under this plan is 2.5 paisa per second.

Tata Docomo Rs. 35 Prepaid Pack

This plan gives 30 days validity along with Rs. 30 talktime. All the local and STD calls will be charged at 1.5 paisa per second. The pack also provides 100MB of 3G data for their users.

Tata Docomo Rs. 49 Prepaid Pack

This plan also gives 30 days validity. Unlike the 35 plan, this will not give that much talktime. This plan only give a talktime of Rs. 25. Where as data allowance is increased to 1GB. All the local and STD calls will be charged at 1 paisa per second.

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Tata Docomo Rs. 65 Prepaid Pack

This pack gives full talktime of Rs 65 but the validity is reduced to 28 days. The data allowance for this plan is only 200MB and the call charges is at 1 paisa per second for local and STD.

Tata Docomo Rs. 88 Prepaid Pack

This is one of the unlimited minimum recharge plan introduced by Tata Docomo. This plan will not give you any talktime. But the plan provides unlimited local and STD calls. But the unlimited calls comes with a FUP of 250 minutes per day. After the 250 minutes, users will be charged at 30 paisa per minute. This plan comes with a validity of 28 days along with a total 100 free local and national SMS.

Tata Docomo Rs. 95 Prepaid Pack

This plan also gives full talktime of Rs. 95 with a validity of 28 days. All the calls, both local and STD will be charged at 1 paisa per second. The plan also gives 500MB 3G data for the users.

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