After the launch of Reliance Jio in December 2015, the SIM card was limited for the Reliance Employees and all, now the company made it available to all the 4G mobile users. ie, if you have a 4G enabled smartphone, you can get Reliance Jio 4G SIM Card Free. The new SIM card comes with Jio Preview offer that gives three months of unlimited data, calling, SMS, and access to Reliance Jio services JioOnDemand.

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Earlier after the launch, the company made it available to selected reliance users on an invitation based manner. Company will sent invitation to selected users with customized offer and others needs to wait for their chance. Now the situation changed and anyone can get the SIM Card. The company didn’t made any official statement yet about the availability, but some users are reporting that it is available now. But, the offer is not yet available in all Reliance Digital and Xpress Mini stores, its currently available in the selected outlets only.

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Since there is no official statement about the availability to all the 4G smartphone users, in the MyJio app, it saying that its for LG and Samsung customers and they had to generate a code through the MyJio app to get their hands on the SIM. But it seems that owners of any 4G phones can just walk into a store to get a Reliance Jio SIM without having to worry about QR codes. Customers need to submit their KYC documents to avail the offer, just like they need to while buying a new mobile connection with any other operator. But make sure that the offer is available in the store, otherwise visit another one.

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