It is already in the news for the past few weeks that mobile number portability is made simple by TRAI with the introduction of new MNP rule. From December 16th onwards, TRAI reduced the overall time in the MNP process to 3 days. Now look into it in detail and check the steps in the new MNP Process.

Old MNP Procedure

Before going into the new MNP rule, let see how the old MNP process works. In the old MNP rule, one who wishes to port their number from the current telecom operator needs to send one SMS from their mobile number. In return, the customer will receive one unique porting code (UPC) on their mobile number.

The next step was to visit the retail shop or the customer service centre of the new operator to which the user wishes to port in their number. There, the user needs to provide the UPC and documents required for completing the porting procedures. After doing all these steps, the user will have to wait for 7 days to complete the porting procedures. After that, the existing SIM card will stop working, and the user needs to insert the new SIM card which they have received during the porting time.

Even though the porting time was 7 days, it usually should be completed within 4 days. As per the new rule, this has been bought down to 3 days. While considering the days, one can think that effectively it has been reduced from 4 to 3 only. But it is not the case; there is a significant difference between the new and old MNP rule.

New MNP rule

In the new MNP rule also, the steps are the same, only change in the time, but there are some internal changes which end users may not notice.

  • Step 1: User needs to send an SMS from their mobile to 1900 in the following format PORT <10 digits mobile number>
  • Step 2: Users will get on SMS containing unique porting code (UPC) on their mobile. The validity of the UPC will be 5 days only now, which was 15 earlier.
  • Step 3: The user needs to visit the retailer or office of the new operator and submit all the documents with the UPC.
  • Step 4: Now as per the new rule, there is one more option here, once the user submits the Port request with the UPC. Another SMS will be received mentioning the application, and it will clearly say that from which operator you are porting out and to which operator you are porting in.

    Other than that, there is an option to cancel the port request if the user wishes to do so. After submitting the document, the user will have 24hrs to revoke the port request by simply sending an SMS to 1900. Simply type CANCEL <10 digits mobile number> and sent it to 1900.

  • Step 5: If you didn’t cancel the port request, then the number will be ported to the new operator in 3 days. In most cases, it will be completed on 2 days if you submitted the documents, not on the weekend.

Difference between old and new MNP process

The main difference is the reduced time in the overall process. The number will be ported to a new operator within 3 days if the porting is done within the same circle and 5 days in case the porting between two different circles.

The new rule will reduce the number of rejections. In the old rules, the number of porting rejection was high, because the current operator may reject the request, if the user has some pending due, or even not completed 90 days period with the current operator, etc. In the new rule, such things will not happen. In this case, the UPC will be created only for those users who are eligible for porting. Those who are ineligible such as non-completion of 90 days etc. will not receive UPC. In the old rule, anyone sending SMS to 1900 will receive a UPC.

The communication messages sent during the process is more clear now, whereas earlier, it was not like that. Now can track it.

As per the new rule, user can even cancel their request by simply sending an SMS, earlier if a user wishes to cancel the request needs to calls the customer care and explicitly as the executive to cancel the request, which was not at all simple and straight forward. Now it has been simplified.

Things to be noted

While doing the MNP, the retailer may tell you that the porting code is valid only for 5 days and you need to submit a request on the same day on which you received the UPC. They may tell you that the porting code should have validity until the process been completed. It is not the case; You can submit the request on the same day, next day, the day after that, no issue in that, the code is only needed for the validation with the current operator.

If you submitted the request before the validity expires and the validation has been completed, then no matters, your port request will be completed within 3 days.

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