Reliance Jio was the first telecom company in India to offer the VoLTE service in India. In 2016 when the company launched the service, Jio was introduced with the 4G only network. Now in the year of 2019, Jio is coming with the latest VoWiFi (Voice Over Wifi) service in India.

Even though Reliance Jio came up with huge offers and with high speed data allowance, the company always got so much complains regarding the call connectivity. Jio always ahead of the call drop issue from the beginning. To overcome this problem to some extent, Jio is going to introduce the new VoWiFi service in the country.

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What is VoWIFI Service ?

We are familiar with the VoLTE service currently used by Jio for calling over the network. For Jio, voice call is made through the 4G LTE network where as the other networks use conventional 2G or 3G network to make and receive voice calls.

Similarly in VoWiFi service, voice call is made through the WiFi network. In this system, mobile network (signal) is not necessary to make and receive the calls. If you are staying in an area where the mobile mobile network signal is very weak but if you have a WiFi connection available, then you can use that WiFi connection to make and receive call using your Jio mobile number with the VoWiFi Service.

Most of the handsets available now supports VoWifi service. If your smartphone does not support WiFi calling, then don’t worry, It is expected that, with the official rollout of the service Jio will also release application that will let you to make Wifi calling on those smartphone where VoWiFi service is not available.

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When the VoWiFi Service will be Available ?

Currently the service is in the Trial Phase and being done in Madhya Pradesh. As per the report, it is expected to launch the service in the beginning of 2019 in some of the southern states such as Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Kerala etc. After that, the service will roll out officially to all the circle in India. In the initial phase the service is available to make and receive calls between Jio numbers only.

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