Jio recently came with a special offer for their customers named as Jio Surprise Cashback offer. The offer was introduced as a part of the new year and will ends on January 15th. As per the offer Jio claims it as, the company is giving guaranteed 100% cash back on the money spend on the recharge during this period. Minimum recharge is Rs. 398. Other than the cashback, there may be a chance of Rs. 2,600 online shopping voucher and a Rs. 400 Wallet cashback too.

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Let’s see the offer in detail. If you do a recharge of Rs.398 and above, so here we consider it to be Rs.3 99 which is the Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan offer which gives us 1GB data, unlimited call, and 100 SMS daily for 84 days (previously it was revised to 70 days, not it is back with 84 days). When you recharge for Rs. 399, you may receive a Rs. 399 voucher in your account immediately. You can use this voucher in your own account or can be used to redeem for another number at any time.

Normally when we recharge, it will be automatically added to our existing plan,but here it will be kept as a voucher, so we can redeem that voucher immediately or later. The new plan will be activated when the existing plan expires. Since it is kept as a voucher, we can use it for another Jio Number also. The guaranteed cash back of Rs 399 will be added as separate voucher in your account only after 72 hours from the recharge time.

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Other benefits such as Rs 2,600 shopping voucher and Rs 400 wallet cash back are optional, as the name specifies it is surprise offer, so we may get it or not depends on the luck. So in general we will get a 100% cashback on the money we spend ie Rs 400 and depends on our luck, we may get shopping voucher and wallet cashback. So a total of Rs. 3,300.

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