Before Reliance Jio in the telecom market, the caller tunes were something the subscribers needed to pay. But, for keeping your favorite song as your hello tune, the subscribers need to go through a long procedure and even need to disburse monthly.

However, Reliance Jio changed the entire scenario. Following similar footsteps, Airtel started to provide free hello tunes for several users. Not only this, the telecom operator now is offering the fastest way for their customers to set Caller Tune. The recent update got featured on the Wynk Music app. That was Airtel’s answer to JioSaavn.

What is Caller Tune and the Hello Tunes in Airtel?

The caller tune is a Value Added Services (VAS) which was there for a long time, allowing a user to set a song or music as the default ringing tone. If someone calls the user, the calling person will hear personalized music or song rather than the conventional ringing tone.

The service was subscription-based, and initially, it was very high. However, after the entry of Jio, following Jio, more operators are on the way to offer the service for free, including BSNL and Airtel. As per Airtel, the caller tune service is branded as Hello Tune.

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Setting The Caller Tune Via Wynk App

The Wynk app seems to be the most popular music app downloaded over the Google Play store. It falls under the category of live streaming music that appears as a delight for the music lover. Now when Airtel users will open their Wynk music app, they will see a pop-up informing them about the new free hello tunes.

The pop-up is placed there to inform users about the hello tunes and will be free of cost. There are over more than 1 million songs across 15 languages. Not just this, the subscriber will also be able to change the caller tunes anytime using the Wynk Music App only.

How To Set Your Favourite Songs As Airtel Hello Tunes Using Wynk Music For Free?

  • Try launching the Wynk Music App and click on the “Hello Tunes” icon placed on the app’s top right corner.
  • You can play or select the song which you want to set as your Airtel Caller Tunes.
  • For enjoying the free services, you will be required to confirm your Hello Tune on the Wynk Music App every 30 days.

This exclusive feature comes under the part of the Airtel Thanks program. It comes in tiers like Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Each of the tiers has a different set of benefits for the Airtel customer powered by the company in partnership with the premium content brands.

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Set Caller Tune via using Airtel Caller Tune Number Free

  • Pick up your mobile phone, head to the message box and send an SMS SET, and send it to 543211. For getting the song code and the complete list, you can head to Airtel’s URL for all the available song codes.
  • To set your song as a Caller Tune via call, you need to dial 543211 and follow the steps the automated voice tells you.
  • In case you want to remove the Caller Tune, you can send an SMS STOP to 543211.

Not every Indian citizen knows how to set a caller tune, even if it’s too basic for them to go by. In such a scenario, this article will surely guide them towards completing the process. It has now become a trend to set the caller tune as a part of the entertainment regime.

How To Set Caller Tune In Airtel Using USSD Code?

You can set caller tune in Airtel number simply by dialing the USSD code *678# and select your favorite song. This is the conventional method, which doesn’t require any data balance or main account balance. The choice of selection will be displayed on your screen, and you can choose the song from any category like Popular Song, Hindi Song, English Song, Movies Song, Album & Singer, etc.

Steps For Set Caller Tune Using USSD Code

  • Open the Phone (Dialer) App on your mobile.
  • Dial the USSD Code, *678#
  • And follow the given steps on your screen.

How To Set Airtel Caller Tune By Calling Customer Care Number?

In this method, you can call the number 543215 and follow the IVR instructions. Just follow the IVR instruction, and it’s all voice-based. It will ask for your option, and you can say your selection like Language, Album name, Artist Name, etc. For example, if you are looking for Hindi Song, say ‘Hind Songs’

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How To Set Caller Tune In Airtel By Copying From Other Callers?

In this method, you need to call someone, your friend, relative anyone who has already activated the caller tune. But remember you need to call an Airtel number. Once the call gets connected, you can listen to their hello tune or caller tune, but before that, most probably, you will hear an IVR message saying, β€œTo copy this caller tune press * and to confirm this caller tune press 9”.

Once you start listening to their hello tunes, you can press the * key from the keypad and also press the 9 key to copy this caller tune. Again, keep in mind that you need to perform this before the person picks up the call.