BSNL’s VoIP based calling service was launched in the mid of 2018 and in the previous article we explained in detail about the pros and cons of the service.

On a quick introduction, we can say that BSNL Wings is an app-based calling service from the state-run BSNL, which lets users make and receive calls using an application. The service doesn’t require a SIM card or mobile signal. It is working completely on the internet.

If you have an active internet connection, whether it is mobile data or broadband, you can use BSNL Wings with that. The service is entirely free for the whole year by making a one-time payment of RS. 1099/-. You can check the details here.

Now, many users are asking about the call forwarding option for BSNL Wings. Unlike other SIM-based services, BSNL Wings doesn’t provide any direct option or direction regarding this. In other mobile services, users can enable it by going to the call setting option in the handset. But in Wings, there is no call settings option available since it is an app-based service.

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However, we got details regarding this, and you can enable the call forwarding option on your BSNL Wings number by doing the below steps.

Enable Call Forwarding on BSNL Wings Number

BSNL wings provide three options for call forwarding

1. Forward all the incoming calls unconditionally

Here, all the calls to your Wings number will be forwarded to another mobile number. To enable this option, dial 114, followed by the mobile number.
E.g., if you what to forward, call another mobile number 9123456789, then from your wings dialer, dial 1149123456789

To deactivate it, dial 115. Done

2. Forward call when the number is busy

If your BSNL Wings number is busy, this option will help you forward the calls to another number. To enable this, dial 1220, followed by the mobile number.
E.g., dial 12209123456789

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To deactivate dial, 1221

3. Forward call when there is no reply

In case there is no reply from the number. If someone called on your Wings number and you didn’t answer the call after ringing. The call will be transferred to another number. In this case, you can forward the call to another number by dialing 1222, followed by the mobile number.
E.g., Dial 1229123456789

To deactivate, dial 1223

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It is also noted that currently, BSNL Wings has no option to forward the call in case the service is not registered. This option was supposed to be the most required one, and unfortunately, this is not yet available. However, as we contacted the support team, we got the report saying that the feature is under development and will be available soon.

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