It is now one year since it is launched. BSNL now comes up with a free trial for its VoIP calling service β€œWings”. Now, users can try this service for a whole one month before subscribing to a regular plan. As a part of this promotion, any new user can choose a one-month trial pack at the time of registration.

Note, the trial offer will be available only if you are a BSNL customer. You need to register the service using your BSNL mobile number. After that, you can switch to a normal plan, or if you are not satisfied with the service, you can cancel it.


In our previous articles, we explained things about the BSNL Wings, you can check those to get more information about it. You can also find the issues and their solutions in our previous article. I suggest you to go through them before purchasing your BSNL Wings number. In short, here we will give you a small note on BSNL Wings.

BSNL Wings is an app-based calling service from BSNL. This service doesn’t have any physical SIM card and does not require any mobile signal. It works with wifi or any mobile data. But you can make and receive calls using your Wings number as well. You can check about Wings in detail here.

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Wings 1 Month Trial Offer

Initially, BSNL launched its service with one single plan that cost Rs. 1,099/- plus GST as a one-time registration fee, and all the incoming and outgoing calls within India are free for one year. Now, BSNL added few plans along with a free one-month trial offer for the service.

If you wish to try the service before purchasing it, then choose the one-month trial offer at the time of registration and later switch to a normal plan if you wish to continue.

Just go to the Wings registration page and login to the website by providing your email, phone number and pin code. All these details are correct since your registration, activation, and further billing require your email and mobile number.

Once logged in you can choose BSNL Wings registration and upload necessary documents, the in the next page, you have to fill the form, choose your BSNL Wings number and importantly, choose the tariff plan.

  1. Regular Plan – Rs 1297/- (Incl GST @ 18%) – This plan is the normal plan ie Rs. 1099 + GST as a one time activation fee.
  2. Govt/PSU Employees – Rs 707/- (Incl GST @ 18%) – This plan is for Govt employees. Proof is needed to opt this plan.
  3. Students – Rs 1037/- (Incl GST @ 18%) – This plan only available if you are student.
  4. BSNL Landline Customers (12 + 2 months pack) – Rs 1297/- (Incl GST @ 18%) – Existing BSNL Landline customers can choose this plan. This is regular plan and additionally they will get 2 more months.
  5. Free Trial Offer 1 month (for existing BSNL Customers) – This one gives you free one month trial for the service.
  6. BSNL Employees – Rs 295/- (Incl GST @ 18%) – This one applicable to the BSNL employees only. Proof is required to get this activated.
  7. Casual Connections (Students & Travelers) – Monthly pack Rs 148/- (Incl GST @ 18%) – This one introduced as a new plan which is basically for travelers where users need to pay Rs. 148 per month.

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Currently, BSNL offers 7 plans, from which you can choose your selection. If you wish to try, then select the trial plan. Once you have done the registration, you will get the username (wings number) and password on your registered mobile number. Normally you will get these details after 15 minutes. If it gets delayed, wait for a few hours, and if not received, contact customer care at 1500 from any BSNL mobile.

Once you received the username and password, go to play store and download the official BSNL Wings app and login using your username and password. And start calling with the new VoIP service.

You can call any Indian number free, and all the incoming calls will be free. All the free offers will be available till your plan ends. If it is a trial plan, you can enjoy free outgoing and incoming for one month, and if you choose the regular plan, it will be free for the whole year.

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