In the not too distant future, all vehicles are going to be electric. Petrol and Diesel engines will be a thing of the past remembered only in museums to a much dirtier past. So, if you are looking to invest in a vehicle, it makes sense to purchase the battery-powered, electrical type. That goes for construction or industrial vehicles too, such as a scissor lift.

An all-electric vehicle has a battery-powered motor as opposed to a combustion engine. A battery-powered motor emits nothing from an exhaust pipe, so it does not fill the atmosphere with pollutants. Inside the electric vehicle is a DC/DC converter. It transforms higher-voltage DC power to lower power DC energy to run the car.

Battery-powered vehicles are classed as renewable energy and do not just help combat air pollution. Electricity makes the vehicle a lot quieter to use. Eliminating a lot of noise pollution too. Meaning if you are working in a quiet suburban area, you do not have to make your presence known. In addition, this is a better environment for animals who are often very afraid of a loud diesel engine.

Scissor lifts are a battery-powered technology designed to lift you straight up in a vertical direction to help you access those hard-to-reach places. They make it safer to reach power lines, treelines, the sides of buildings, etc., as you are caged into a workbox, rather than wobbling about on top of a ladder. They are also great time savers as you do not have to spend any time building up scaffolding.

Please take a look at our graphic for more information on purchasing an electric-powered second-hand scissor lift.


Infographic designed by: Fleet Up

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