Today’s commerce runs online. From a small business to a large scale, one needs traffic online to function and create a brand presence in the market. The focus is to ensure uninterrupted functioning because every second counts when the virtual business world. Businesses are employing various tools for the same reality. Satellite internet connection is one such tool that is rapidly creating its space in the online business world.

In a more professional term, businesses today focus much of their energy on Business Continuity (BC). It is the preparedness of a business in a time of disruption.

What is Business continuity? How can Satellite internet connection contribute to the same?

Business Continuity is defined as the ability of a company or a business to continue providing services and selling their products at a certain predetermined level even after a disruptive event.

For example, let’s take an example of a recent case. Sometimes back, both Zomato and Swiggy apps faced an outage together during lunchtime. The companies stated that it was due to a technical glitch. However, the business continuity was disrupted here, and both companies lost business in that timeframe.

The outage with these food delivery apps was chalked to technical issues. However, satellite Wifi is a good alternative if essential business functions are interrupted due to an internet connection.

Why your business needs to use Satellite internet connection?

Satellite internet connection is rapidly grabbing business owners’ attention for maintaining stable and global connectivity 24*7. Significant players like SpaceX and Google have worked with the model to provide satellite internet. In addition, one of the leading telecom giants, Airtel, also offers global connectivity solutions to small and large-scale businesses. So, with Airtel’s satellite wifi internet solution, your business is sure to expand at breakneck speed.

24*7 Global connectivity

One of the most basic reasons to use satellite internet is 24*7 connectivity. Since satellite internet comes literally from space, the connection is not interrupted by any weather change. Furthermore, it is neither barred by geographical regions.

Usually, a standard fiber connection may get disrupted or outage due to weather conditions or technical issues from the operator’s end. Moreover, the range provided by broadband or fibernet is limited. At the same time, satellite internet gives internet across oceans and continents. It allows the internet providers to maintain global connectivity with other branches and clients.

Satellite internet connection is reliable

Regarding the satellite connection, it never really goes ‘down!’ As discussed above, satellite connection is not affected by weather changes or geographical locations. Therefore, your business can rely on this connection to be functional if your normal office broadband connection is not working.

You can always keep the satellite connection as your backup and streamline your workflow so that satellite internet is used for essential business operations like processing orders, payments, etc., in case of an outage.

Extremely Versatile

A satellite internet connection can take the burden of all your communication activities alone. For example, you can use the connection to make global phone calls using the VoIP technology (Voice over Internet Protocol), browse the internet, play videos, and perform other complex communication and online activities altogether without any glitches.

This makes the connection highly versatile for businesses.

Connectivity in remote areas

Often, individuals and businesses are suggested to use satellite internet in remote or hard-to-reach areas for better connectivity. Unfortunately, most regular broadband services are not available in remote areas.

A satellite internet connection is a way to go if you want to expand your operations in remote areas or your business is already in a remote location. It provides a stable and good internet connection. Hence, acting as a driving force for small and remote businesses.

Take your internet with you to job sites

Satellite internet connections are easy to install. Many businesses work from various job sites. Companies offering satellite connections often provide internet solutions that can be fixed on a vehicle and be ready for multiple job sites.

The system these mobile communication companies provide is easy to deploy and doesn’t require professional personnel to operate the same. Think about Jurassic Park and the vehicle they traveled in with all the satellite communication systems. The technology is more advanced now and, therefore, extremely reliable.

There’s no need for complex ground structures even when setting up on a single permanent location. It works pretty similarly to your DTH Platform. It involves 3 satellite dishes, one in space, one at your business site, and one at the ISP’s hub.


Believe it or not, satellite internet connection is affordable for businesses. The connection is bundled with other global connectivity solutions. Therefore, it is cheap.