The biggest micro blogging platform Twitter is introducing a new feature to its mobile application, the ‘Quality Filter’ option. The new filter option will let you to control the notification you are getting in twitter, by letting you to avoid getting notifications from bots, spanners etc.

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The company was getting complaints against these issue for a long time and now they came up with the solution. According to the twitter blog, the new feature have a Quality Filter Button in the notification, when turned on, you will not get notification by bots, spammers or even the repeated tweet of same item.

To activate this new filter, go to the Notifications tab in the Twitter mobile app, hit the Settings button and turn on β€œQuality filter.”

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The company doesn’t say anything about the algorithm used in it, but says that, the new quality filter will not affect users timeline in any manner, user can view all the tweets as like earlier, but it will remove the Repeated tweets in order to maintain quality.

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The company also didn’t gave any clue that, when they are rolling out of the feature etc.