Technology is growing each day and new and new features and inventions are added to the tech world every day. In the earlier time the technology where mostly used for information sharing and learning new things. Now the things are changed, technology now has impact on all the day to day activities, from information to entertainment and from knowledge to fun etc.

Currently the technologies are being used in all the areas to make our life easier. From PC to smartphone the trend and style is changing all the time and same thing in the case of gaming also. Now a days the popularity of the games also changed as lot from the previous times. Earlier some low graphics games where only available and now people loves high graphics games, since the high configuration pc/laptops are available now.

When the availability of internet made easy, the situation again changed a lot, rather than installing a specific game on the device, people now go for online games of their choice. As a result the online gaming services emerged a lot in the recent time. Some of the best online games such as Wonderputt, Frog Fractions, Game of Bombs, Casinos got wide popularity in recent time and most of the people are spending time on it.

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Once the android mobile became popular, the thing changed again, from a conventional communication medium it is now changed to a world of entertainment, infotainment and fun. The android app developers now creating more and more mobile gaming applications. Currently almost all the PC games are available in the mobile also with all the features.

Many game providers such as Playtec or microgaming that online casinos use for the websites are now focusing on mobile devices to. Although these games have their own place in the market as they are mostly used as online gaming, now the trend shows that in the near future, more engagement to these games and services is through the mobile devices.

In short, the trend and development regarding the technology is changing all the time, as a result the transformation from each stage to the higher level is also needed. So from the earlier manual work, everything is changed to computer based work, now the trend is again changing and its is gradually moving to the mobile world.

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