Google has launched a self-operated car without a steering wheel, brake, and accelerator. After listening to these things, a thought came into everyone’s mind that driving a google driverless car is safe or not? If it’s safe then how?

Google has launched this car to test its working & stage after 5 years of usage. It’s the first one that has no steering wheel and accelerator and pedal which is used for running it. The launching of this self-operated car indicates the next stage arrival in Google self-driving car will be better in the newer upcoming models. It’s the one that has developed from the robotic vehicles ‘The Darla Grand Challenges’ in the past year 2008.


After getting inspired by this car, Google has started its project of Google’s self-driving car. The first google car is modified from the old Toyota Prius. After that, it is personalized with the Lexus SUVs, which have sensors in it that control camera cruise and a spinning laser scanner on the top.

Let’s check the important things about the google electric car

Purpose of building a car: Google has built its first driverless prototype car for testing its service after running it for 5 years, if it becomes successful then people who don’t know driving will get furnished with the top-notch facility. The car is designed as a smart car like a Nissan Micra. Its interior confers you with the two seats that have a room which can be used for putting luggage and any other required things you want to carry with you. It is the first electric driverless car that shows the bright future of the electric car.

Assembling of car: The car is assembled nearby California it’s structured around the view of the Mountain area where Google’s office exists.

Usage of the Google driverless car: It’s the car specially designed to move from one place to another without using any kind of interaction. The Google driverless car can be operated by smartphone. If you have to start it, stop it, drop and for pick up, everything can be done by the smartphone. One needs to set up the location and it will start moving automatically on your command.

In this car, there is no brake, accelerator, and steering wheel but it can be started with a start button & a big emergency red color light that is used as a stop button. A small passenger is located near the screen for the indication of the various things such as weather, speed, and another animation countdown that is about to launch.

In this car, once you have completed your journey a message will be displayed on your screen remembering you to set your next location or get out from the car or any other activity you want to do after the completion of the journey. It’s not considered as a substitute for your car, but later on, it will be. Still, the Google driverless car is used as a good alternative option on the place of the taxi that can be used without any human driver.

Everyone is not allowed to run the google driverless car

Here, few people are there who are permitted to run the google car without any driver. Very few people run in this driverless car outside Google’s area. Most probably it is used by the people in the google promotional videos. In these videos, a brief description is given about the self-operated car like it’s a smooth experience, with a bit of risk.

Initially, people feel a bit insecure and get threaten first because there is no control panel in the car that lets you operate it. So, one just has to sit in the car without touching and disturbing anything. The car has ample space rather than having a small cabin. The reason behind having enough ample space that it has no controlling system that takes up space in the car.

How the car built?

Google has taken the idea of designing this driverless car from the scratch. It’s the one that started with the embodied sensors in it along with the frame which is interconnected in the cabin. So that no sensor gets blocked and stops working or generates the blind spot that shells the car’s body. The car is structured with other 100 self-operated cars designed by a firm which is situated in the Detroit area.

How it can be operated?

The electric motor has a running capacity of 100 miles range. It can be operated with the combination of the fastest technology, sensor, and software for locating the location of this google driverless car anywhere in the world. It’s the car run on the roads with accurate high-speed mentioned on digital google maps.

A GPS has been fitted in the navigation of the satellite system in most cars. It’s featured in the car just for locating the location of the car, it’s pointed at the accurate radar point, camera, and another laser point. All these things can be finding out on the monitor or the mobile screen anywhere in the world.

The software-induced in this driverless car can recognize anything around the cars such as things, people, cars, bikes, trees, traffic lights, and any other things that are obeying on the roads. As it allows the prediction of multiple things on the roads, especially hazardous things, includes cyclists. It can easily detect the roads and things on it.

It’s one of the next evolutions Google self-driving car that can be easily operated without any human being. This is a car that can be able to confer you with the capacity of 700,000 miles on public roads. The speed limit of Google’s car is about 25 mph that can restrict Google’s driving car on some particular roads.

Besides that, in this car, kinetic energy will also get minimizes. In this upcoming evolved car google is about to form the new and next-generation of the bumper along with a flexible windscreen that can be designed to absorb energy that impacts the person’s body.

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