NFC is a short-range wireless technology that refers to near-frequency communication. It enables two devices to communicate, requiring a distance of 4 cm or less. This technology is gaining popularity in the hospitality and retail sectors. Integrating NFC information technology allows for more seamless customer and guest interactions. This article will examine some ways hotels can leverage NFC technology.


NFC can be used in hotels to increase efficiency and increase revenue. Guests can utilize it to report service problems, providing immediate notice and a quick response. NFC registration speeds up check-ins, eliminating delays and allowing guests to start their stay right away.

Additionally, NFC reduces costs by eliminating intermediaries while speeding up processes, streamlining overall business operations, and improving the guest experience.

Track Personnel’s Presence

NFC tags can be used to track the attendance of all employees. The NFC is used for everyday operations, indirectly ensuring they are in the right places and doing what is required in real-time. It also displays indicators of each employee’s daily performance.

Furthermore, luxury hotels such as Hampton Inn have already started to implement NFC tags to streamline staff monitoring and provide real-time insights into daily tasks.

Wi-Fi Access

With NFC technology, hotel guests can easily access Wi-Fi throughout the hotel. By displaying QR codes in both common spaces and hotel rooms, you can guarantee that all guests have easy wifi access whenever they need it. All customers need to do is put their phone over the QR code to have it read, which will direct them to a page where they may register for the hotel’s WiFi service.

At major chains like McDonald, the system is set up to use McD WiFi and scan the QR code to unlock exclusive offers when placing orders at the counter or kiosk.

Room Access

Another important application of NFC technology in the hospitality sector is enabling guests to enter their rooms without needing a hotel room key.

Hotels can put NFC tags on all their doors and give guests a unique code on a mobile app that gives them fast access to their rooms. By placing your phone near the door’s access point, you can open it quickly and protect it from being opened by unauthorized people.

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