The internet has become an essential part of our lives now a day. And with this comes a prominent use of wifi routers to wirelessly access the Internet services on devices. And connecting to a wifi network is very simple. All you need to do is type the password assigned for that particular network. Once the password you entered is detected as the right one, you are connected to the internet.

In this process, the IP address is automatically assigned to your device to make the connection easier. The IP address, which stands for Internet Protocol, is a unique value assigned to every device when connected. The Internet Protocol (IP) address’s primary functions are to act as an interface between networks to identify every network and the other function is to locate addresses.

What is an IP address? Why is it important?

Think of it as the address resembling your house address. If someone needs to send a letter to your house, they will need your address so that the post can reach where it is supposed to, but it isn’t very likely in today’s time. So instead, we send emails and do most of the work online. So how do the data packets know how to locate the computer they are supposed to go to?

That is where the IP address comes into the picture, and also keeping it secure becomes necessary by using It is the unique identification number essential to send information from one computer to another. It is a unique identification number that is composed of 4 different numbers separated by decimal places.

What is DHCP and How To Reserve DHCP IP Addresses For A Device?

DHCP, which stands for dynamic host configuration protocol, is a protocol that assigns the IP address when a device requests the router to connect to the internet. This dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP) manual entry of the IP address is eradicated so that there will be no issues, such as two devices having the same IP addresses.

However, everything is not perfect. It will have its flaws, and the IP address varies when we disconnect and reconnect to the same network, t. That is, your device is allocated with a new IP address.

So, to avoid Traffic between IP addresses, it is necessary to reserve the IP address in your device. Booking an IP address is very simple. All you need to do is follow the steps given below. Follow the below steps to assign a static IP for any device connected to the network or reserve any specific IP address for a device. Of course, this process also applies to wired routers when connecting via an ethernet cable.

Step 1

Routers differ according to their brands, speed, and range, so some advanced routers may have a direct option to reserve an IP address, or they may also directly reserve an IP address, So make sure that you are aware of your router features.

However, In this step, all you need to do is open your particular wifi router brands control panel page where you can find a login page that consists of a username and password. Your router comes with a default IP address, username, and password. Use these details to access the page.

The process may differ from router to router, but it is mostly similar. You will need a mac address or physical address found in the DHCP clients list to reserve an IP address. Mostly you can see this tag under the DHCP tag. If not, you can also find the mac address and physical address in ‘Settings.’

You can find mac addresses or physical addresses assigned to each device connected to that particular network along with their IP addresses. Mostly your device name appears to make it easier to recognize your specific device, but some Android devices may show its android versions, and range, etc., so make sure the name of your device before reserving an IP address to it.

Step 2

In this step, you need to assign the IP address to that particular device’s mac or physical address. To do this, you need to find an option to bind both IP and MAC addresses, such as IP and MAC binding.’ Ensure that you note down the MAC address or Physical address of all the devices you are willing to reserve an IP address to.

Step 3

Now Search for an option to add an IP address to Reserve an IP address to your device. So, you can reserve your IP address for a device on a wifi network.

Step 4

Now, you need to enter the mac or physical address of that particular device for which you want to reserve an IP address and then select an IP address.

Step 5

Make sure that the IP address which you choose is within your range. If the IP addresses vary only in the last digit or last two-digit, then take it as an indication that the selected IP address is in coverage, and after that, to save the changes you made, click on the ‘SAVE’ button.


That’s it. Look how easy it is to reserve an IP address. Now it’s your turn to secure every device you own with an IP address. When you book a new IP address, the device may take time to connect to the router as it needs to recognize the allotted IP address. Once it identifies the IP address, it will automatically reconnect to the internet.

Some routers may directly reserve your IP address. Some may not. So if you have any issues finding the mac address or physical address in your router control page panel, then take the help of the user manual, which is given with the wifi router. If it does not help either, you can contact your specific WIFI connection service center through the customer care number.

We hope the article was helpful for you. And it made your work easy and efficient for you. Tech-savvy or not, everyone can fix their issues with this article easily. So for more such articles, keep reading and have a good day!

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