Using Google ads might be a profitable decision you make for your business’s growth. Almost 3.5 billion times a day, people use the Google search engine to search, and each search on Google allows you to place your brand in front of more users. It means Google ads help in increasing leads, conversions, and sales.

What are Google Ads?

Google Ads is an online paid advertising platform which is offered by a very well-known search engine, which is “Google”. Google Ads was previously known as Google Ad-Words, and in the year 2018, Google rebranded the services of Google Ad-words as “Google Ads”

When users search a keyword on the Google ads, they get the results according to their query on the “SERP” search engine result pages.

How do Google Ads work?

Google Ads works under digital marketing models such as CPC, PPC, and CPM. It means that advertisers target a particular keyword on “Google” and make bids on keywords. You make the maximum bids, or you can say that you are willing to pay the maximum for an ad.

In cost per click (CPC), bidding means to pay for each click on the advertisements. You can use an online CPC calculator that works on your CPC as well as helps you to determine the number of clicks and costs which helps you in determining a specific CPC for your ad campaign.

For Example:
If your maximum bid on ads is $6 and if Google determines your cost per click (CPC) is $2. In that case, you’re willing to get that ad placement! And if Google finds that it is more than $4, then you can’t get the ad placement.

You decide on a maximum daily budget for your ad campaign. However, you don’t need to spend more money than a specific amount for that day if you have decided on a fixed amount to pay. Alternatively, some businesses opt to contract Google Ads specialists to continually monitor, track and optimise ads, ensuring your business gets the best bang for buck.

The advertiser has three options for bidding on advertisements:

  • Cost per click
  • Cost per mile
  • Cost per engagement

Ad-Rank and Quality Score

Ad-Ranks decide where your advertisements can be placed and where the factor of the quality score comes from that determines the rank of your promotions. Remember that the quality score is based on a few factors, such as the quality and relatability of your advertisements. For example, if your ads are made with the help of a company like Advanse that offers Dynamic Creative designs, this might raise your quality score. Google also calculates how many users click on the ad when it is displayed on the website, i.e., your click-through rate. The click-through rate depends on the relevance of your ads with searcher intent, which can reduce from three sides, which are:

  • Keyword relevance.
  • Call-to-action copy.
  • Position of the advertisements.

If you are running an ad campaign on a website, then the ads’ quality is very important. High-quality advertisements can lead to low cost, better positioning of the advertisements, and also get more advertising success. Google Ads are beneficial for the advertisers, customers, publishers, and for Google as well.

You can use CPC (cost per click) as a digital advertising metric. In this metric, the advertiser pays the Ad publisher when someone clicks on the ads. You can try the cost-per-click calculator to know how much it will cost you if you’re running an advertising campaign.

Types of Google Ads

Google provides a variety of ad campaigns that you can use, and these are:

  • Display campaigns
  • Search campaigns
  • Video campaigns
  • Shopping campaigns
  • App campaigns

Now let’s look at the ad campaign types to know how they work and which is the best for you.

Display campaigns

A display ad is a type of campaign used to attract the user of the website, social media platforms, or other digital mediums to get clicks. These display ads are based on text, videos, and images that grab the user’s attention to click on the landing page to get the action. Most display ad campaigns are charged based on the cost-per-click model.

However, a few factors will affect the cost of your advertising campaign. For example, CPC may vary from one geographical location to another and from one industry to another.

Based on different locations and industries, it becomes more important to calculate CPC before running ad campaigns. You can try an online CPC calculator that helps you to determine how many clicks you receive on ads, the cost of the campaign, and CPC.

Search campaigns

Search advertising is a technique used to display the ads in the search results when somebody searches for that product or service the advertiser offers. So, in this way, the advertisements accurately match the search query.

Video campaigns

In video campaigns, YouTube and other video partners of Google help the advertiser to reach and engage the user. The video ad is a type of promotional content that comes before, after, and during the streaming.

Few marketing experts expand the definition of video advertisements in which the display ads with video content are included, such as advertisements that automatically start when the user moves the cursor on the video ads.

In this type of campaign, you pay when somebody watches your video for 30 seconds, which is a skippable video ad or when someone hits the thumbnail of your video. So, you can calculate CPC for in-stream ads with a cost-per-click calculator.

Shopping campaigns

This advertising campaign helps the advertiser promote the product by showing the product details before they click on your Ad. Before using the shopping ad campaign, it is important to know how much it will cost to display your banner ads on the web.

You can use the shopping campaign to promote your online or local store if you are a retailer. These ads show the text, price, and product picture to attract people to click on the ad banner. Instead of doing the manual calculation, you can try a CPC calculator to find the number of clicks and CPC to get the cost of the campaign.

App campaigns

App advertisements are also included in the display category like video ads, but this app campaign can be used for the targeted campaigns. The App campaigns are those campaigns that help you to promote your Android and IOS apps across the google top properties, including the search, YouTube, and the Google display network.

The cost of Google Advertisements

In the United States, The rate of Advertisements is between $1 and $2. However, the advertising cost for a specific Ad varies on some factors. The quality of the website and how much you are bidding on ads are included in these factors. The cost of the ad campaign varies from one ad to another.

You need to understand the system of Ad auctions if you want to know how much a Google advertising campaign will cost your business. When someone searches for your targeted keyword, Google automatically jumps on the auction model and compares your Ad-Rank with another marketer targeting that keyword.

When it comes to the cost of advertising, then it is so important how much you’re paying for your ad campaign. For your convenience, you can use a CPC calculator to know the number of clicks, CPC, and how much you pay for each click.


Google ads is an online advertising platform developed by a well-known search engine, “Google,” where advertisers pay a suitable amount of money to the publisher to publish their ads to the user.

Google Ads places the advertisements as the result of different search engines and non-search platforms like websites, mobile apps, and videos.

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