Schools generally block sites for the well-being of students. It is aimed at reducing the usage of harmful websites by children. This is also done to save bandwidth among the hundreds of students who are using the Internet for studying.

But sometimes, schools unknowingly block some websites that are needed by the students for their work. You have the option to tell your teacher or contact the system administrator, but if that doesn’t yield any results, your first solution is to get a VPN.

But VPNs cost you some money if you want a safe browsing experience. We would not recommend you use a free VPN as it can steal your data and make your internet connection slower. So what can you do? Use proxy websites.

What Are Proxy Websites?

Proxy websites come in between your device and your ISP. They scramble and randomize your IP address so that you can access the website that was blocked on the school’s internet.

However, you should be cautious of proxy websites as some are not encrypted, and your data can be stolen. They also make your connection slower since it comes between your connection and your device. But they are generally the best way for a student to access websites that were blocked by the school.

Best Proxy Websites for Schools

Let us look at 20 of the best proxy websites for schools.

1. KProxy

KProxy is a proxy website that allows you to safely access blocked websites by masking your IP address. It also has encryption so that your data is not leaked while using it.

The site is also free, allowing users to use it freely. The features of the basic plan are limited but gets the job done. The premium plans offer a no-ad option and access to sites that are difficult to ban. These may suit your needs.

2. ProxyBoost

You can surf anonymously on this website. It uses American servers to bypass blocked sites. It uses fake IP addresses to overcome the blockades that were set by your school admin.

3. Free Proxy

This is a free proxy website that allows you to change your IP address and browse the blocked websites. It encrypts your data and masks your IP and location data. They offer a lot of free proxy servers to choose from.

4. 4everproxy

This website is a free proxy website that allows you unlimited download speeds. It allows you to overcome geolocation barriers set up by the admin and is anonymous to use. It is encrypted. It also offers a VPN built into the site. You can also get paid plans as well.

5. DontFilter

It offers complete anonymous browsing and unlocking of blocked sites. It is best for school use as it is a free and lightweight option. It is focused on ease of use and is rid of clutter.

6. HideMyAss

HideMyAss is another favorite among school students as it allows for a fast internet connection and allows unblocking many sites. It is mainly a VPN provider that allows you to change your location and access most sites that have been blocked.

7. Proxify

Proxify is a free and anonymous proxy website that allows the unblocking of more than 1000 websites. It is particularly common among school students for its ease of use.

It uses TLS/SSL encryption so that your data is completely secure. It comes in a free basic plan and a paid pro plan.

8. CroxyProxy

It is a free proxy website that can be upgraded to an ad-free version. It uses SSL encryption to stay anonymous and protect from data theft. CroxyProxy even works on Android.

9. ProxFree

ProxFree is also an SSL-encrypted proxy website that allows you to browse blocked websites anonymously. It also lets you change your IP address to any address in the world. It is a secure method to browse the Internet and unblock websites.

10. TurboHide

This proxy website is very easy to use. It comes with a user interface that is not cluttered with ads. It also has encryption and lets you browse anonymously.

You can restrict trackers, enable encryption, and remove cookies before you start browsing on TurboHide.

11. Proxyium

The best part about using Proxyium is that you can send permalinks to others. These links are unblocked sites, so the receiver can directly access the unblocked website without entering the URL into a proxy website.

The site is secured with SSL encryption, letting you browse anonymously and safely.

12. Megaproxy

It is mainly a VPN provider that does not need you to install any software. It allows you to safely change your location and IP address to unblock and browse blocked websites.

You can get the advanced version for about $10 for 3 months.

13. PlainProxies

PlainProxies is a free yet premium way to get a proxy website and be anonymous on the Internet. You can get residential proxies by paying for them, starting at 30 euros per week.

The site is encrypted and allows for secure browsing across blocked sites.

14. MyWebproxy

This site is very similar to Turbo Hide in its interface. It allows for easy browsing while staying anonymous and secure. It is very easy to use and is encrypted.

15. ProxySite

With ProxySite, you can bypass most filters set by your school admin. It offers an easy and simple interface and is a favorite of students. It is also free to use, adding to its appeal.

It is encrypted and allows browsing anonymously, so your boss or teacher won’t know what you’re up to. You can start using ProxySite by just entering the URL you want to visit in the search bar.

16. Ninja Browse

This proxy website is similar to a few of the earlier entries and is easy to use. It has an interface that is minimal and anyone can use it for free. You just need to type in the URL that is blocked and hit go.

NinjaBrowse also allows blocking of trackers and cookies before starting the search.

17. YellowProxy

Similar to Ninja Browse and a few others on this list, YellowProxy allows the removal of trackers and cookies before searching the blocked URL. This site is also protected with SSL encryption.

18. Whoer

Whoer is known for its IP checker, but it also offers a proxy site and VPN. Its Anonymizer allows you to randomize your IP and allow you to search from anywhere in the world with its 10s of servers.

You have to download the Anonymizer for your browser to unblock sites. You get a free trial with a Netherlands server, but you can pay for using servers across 21 countries.

19. Zyte

This site uses rotating proxies and AI-enabled browsing to unblock sites without getting detected. It is a paid site and has a free trial as well. The pricing plans are quite affordable, even for students.

It is a good option for unblocking sites and extracting data.

20. Bright Data

This is also a paid proxy service and is best suited for companies and businesses, but students can also benefit from Bright Data’s proxy servers.

Their plans start from $10.50 per GB used. This is also a good option if you want to avoid sketchy websites and need direct customer support.


Many websites offer proxy servers and anonymous browsing, but it is up to you to do the research and use the best proxy website that suits your needs. Try to use sites that have been available to use for a long time, and always check their trust scores before using them.